Nano CIC Hearing Aid Review: A Consumer’s Feedback

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I’m a pretty private person, so I actually don’t review products too often. However, recently I’ve used a great hearing aid device that has changed my life significantly. And I thought it would be a crime not to share with other people who are going through a similar journey like me. This will be my honest personal review of Nano Hearing Aids. 


So, I was diagnosed with moderate hearing loss a few weeks back. To be completely honest, I’ve noticed my hearing loss for several months now. First, it was just a breeze. I had difficulties hearing some sounds clearly. I thought it was natural and didn’t think much about it. Eventually, the problem actually got worse.


I live in a busy city and own a small business there. So, noise is a very common factor around me. I have to tolerate the heavy traffic noise, loudspeakers in my neighborhood, and angry yelling of my neighbor on a daily basis. Also, I own a leaf blower and a vacuum cleaner that I use almost once a week, depending on the season and circumstances. 


So, when I first noticed my hearing loss, I knew it was a result of the heavy noise I suffer daily. It really got me scared as I have just started my business. I got self-conscious and decided not to tell anybody about it. However, after a while, people started to notice. 


I started to raise the volume of my television to watch and asked people to repeat themselves more often. One time, I had a big client, and I couldn’t understand half the words he was saying. Still, to cover my embarrassment, I smiled and nodded at everything he said. Soon, I found out I have conducted the worst deal of my entire life.


If you are thinking, I went to the doctor right after this incident; you are gravely wrong. You see, I have to control ten employees, and I was really scared that they wouldn’t respect me the way they do if they knew about my disability. So, I started recording all the conversations I had and listened to them again and again before I made a deal. Did it help? Absolutely not!

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Then I brought a friend in my company to brief me about the happenings in my company in writing. Little did I know, it would make the condition worse. Soon, I found out that I have become isolated from my employees, and my “friend” could easily skim my assets by creating misunderstandings between my clients and me. When I confronted him, he talked about a lot of things. Ironically, I couldn’t hear most of them. At that point, I guess everybody was aware of my hearing loss. Somehow, I knew, and I felt more and more frustrated. I was angry about anything and everything. I was constantly shouting with everyone to relieve my frustration and to know what I was telling people. Nothing did help me to hide my hearing loss.


Soon I found out my company is in jeopardy, my trusted employees left my company, and so did my so-called friend. I had lost substantial assets, and anytime I could be bankrupted. When you build something from the ground up, you just can’t let it get destroyed easily. It was entirely my fault, in a way only if I saw a doctor when I had the chance.


Now that I’m on the verge of destruction, I decided to see a doctor. I had done my homework online and went to a well-known audiologist in my locality. He tested me and said I had a moderate hearing loss. If I don’t get a hearing aid right now, this condition will increase gradually. Soon, I can be totally deaf. He recommended some hearing aids as well. So, when I went to buy a pair of hearing aids, I found that the price range is much higher than I anticipated. I needed to pay nearly $5000 for a pair of hearing aids. I get it; when I’m buying a hearing aid, I’m also paying for future care and other factors. However, $5000 really sounded unrealistic. 


As I mentioned earlier, my business had taken a hit, and I couldn’t hear almost anything. This eventually made me fall into depression. I was always stressed, had very little sleep, and was always worried. I couldn’t even afford to pay for my very essential hearing aids. The frustration simply grew bigger. I didn’t really know what to do next.

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One fine morning, I was surfing through the internet when I landed on the website of Nano Hearing Aids. To my surprise, on this website, I found a pair of hearing aids for only at 600$. It was really confusing, and my brain started screaming red flag alerts. Then I saw that their CIC hearing aids have 79 reviews, and most of them are positive. They also offer a 45days money-back guarantee. Therefore, I took a chance and bought a pair of hearing aids. 


To be honest, now I’m leading a healthy life. I can now hear the sounds clearly, and my social life has improved a lot. Now, I’m not always screaming and can actively take part in a conversation. The CIC hearing devices are barely noticeable, so I can be discreet about my disability to whomever I like. I had a huge question about how Nano can offer hearing aids at such a low price. Then they explained to me how they cut the middleman during the shipment of the products. Their website is highly informative and is flooded with various useful articles and tutorials. It took me almost two weeks to get used to my hearing aids. Now, I’m continuously using the devices and rebuilding my business. I’m even learning lip reading to help me with my situation.


One can also purchase a yearly protective plan from Nano when purchasing a hearing aid. With my skeptical mind, I bought the hearing aids. After three and a half weeks, I plan to keep them for further use and may buy the yearly protective plan. As a business owner to another, I highly thank the owner of Nano. This young person has taken a great initiative that has helped a lot of other people like myself. A heartfelt thanks to the kind soul for whom I’ve regained a normal life once again.