Pros And Cons Of Using Digital Lock For Main Door

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electronic door lock

A digital door lock is a great alternative to traditional mechanical door locks that are opened with metal keys. This high-tech type of door lock is becoming more and more popular and every year the number of buyers who use this technology in their homes is increasing.

The digital lock for main door has many outstanding features, such as high security, ease of use, durability, and more. These days, smart door lock products such as magnetic card locks, fingerprint locks, and combination locks are widely used.

The most popular and topical question is: “Is digital lock for main door safe?” As we all know, people don’t compromise on the security of their home, office, or their personal belongings. Considering that security is a decisive factor, we will definitely consider this issue in this article.

Obviously, nothing is perfect on this planet. So each thing or technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. Today we will tell you about all the “pros” and “cons”.

Digital lock advantages


Digital locks work very quickly, thus saving you time. When using the remote control, these locks open within 3 seconds. This means that if we use smart locks in places like fire departments, hospitals, colleges, then they will be very useful in case of an emergency. Using the KeyScan remote, we can open locks in seconds. For example, while a fire spreads through a hospital, rescuers will have a 100% chance that they will be able to save people since they will not have to waste precious time breaking into emergency doors.

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Many people think that using a smart lock is rather difficult. The fear of interacting with this “complex thing” stops people and deprives them of the opportunity to feel all the convenience of using this technology. In fact, using this lock is as easy as unlocking your smartphone. After a few minutes of reading the instructions and a minute of practice, everyone will be able to learn how to use them.

Reliability and safety

The lock using biometric technology is very secure. For example, if we protected the house with a lock with a fingerprint scanner installed, then it is almost impossible to break it. In the event that someone makes an unsuccessful attempt and several times applies a fingerprint that has not been previously registered, then an alarm will sound. The security level is excellent!


Last but not least, smart locks have an incredibly diverse design, appearance, and colors, so you can easily choose a door lock that suits your preferences, as well as the exterior of the protected area.

Disadvantages of digital lock

Access via phone

Digital lock can be removed using your phone and Bluetooth. If you have lost your phone somewhere (or it has been stolen from you), then an attacker can easily take advantage of this wonderful feature. The only way you can prevent this is by setting multiple levels of lock on your phone.

Also, the disadvantages include difficulties with identification associated with such factors as contamination of the sensor surface, abrasions on the screen, wet hands, and more.