Shipping on Etsy, Ebay, or Amazon is now EASIER with MUNBYN

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Do you have products to ship? When I started shipping on Etsy I used the hardest method possible to create labels. I would print big sheets of paper and then cover them completely in a clear tap. This was hard for smaller boxes and I had to figure out how to shrink the labels to make small packages work. I wasted so much tape. Next I tried expensive sticky labels, they were great until I realized how much I was wasting on them.

Finally the Munbyn shipping label printer saved the day. I moved forward with a reliable, easy to use label printer and I’m never going back.

What I like about it- The pro’s

-don’t have to mess with settings, one-minute installment

-easy to use, 203DPI printing pixels

-fast to print, 150mm/s printing speed, to meet most of the printing needs

-small and comes in different colors

-Visually see if your running low on labels

-takes different sizes of labels

-works with many different sales platforms

-also makes stickers

-7/24 after-sales service

making stickers



Munbyn Printer Works With All These Platforms

When your business relies on shipping goods you need something that works fast and is easy to use. Check and Check. 

Next, cost of labels needs to be low, at the time of writing this the stack labels are around .04 cents a piece and the roll style comes in at about .01 cent. Check.


The wifi needs a dongle to set up, not my favorite feature, but at least WIFI is still an option.

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Like anything, set up is not my favorite, but at least the instructions are good.

What really matters? Your Time

The shipping label printer works with many different selling platforms. It’s inexpensive to use and can speed up your shipping process. Different size labels are automatically adjusted for, the machine does this on its own. Also this is BIG-NO PRINTER INK, YES THAT’S RIGHT NO PRINTER INK because this is a thermal printer.  Make life easier- check it out here on Amazon.