Floating Shelves and Mounted Storage Racks

Wall-mounted shelves are a genius way to add big storage for small items throughout your house without using any floor space. They are perfect additions to any tiny space and go well in just about every room you can think of. Mounted shelves can be anything from big storage cabinets to small floating individual shelves…

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How to Switch Up Your Home Decor on a Budget

cheap decorating

Your home is an extremely important part of your life, and as such you want to be happy and satisfied with its design. Unfortunately, there do come time periods where you have to switch up your home’s decor to something new and better. Perhaps you’ve just closed on one of the many Little Rock houses…

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mirror styles

MODERN WALL MIRROR DESIGN TRENDS IN 2020 The look, designs, shapes and styles of the modern mirrors have changed over the years, from the traditional to the all-new modern designs and style. Let’s take a look at the wall mirror design trends that will make the look of your interior décor dazzling this year. What’s…

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