The Benefits Of Magnetic Building Blocks

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Toys are an essential part of a child’s formative years, and the kind of toys your child plays with may affect them in one way or another. There are different types of toys available for children to play with, from cuddly toys like teddy bears to constructive toys like Legos and tiles or magnetic building blocks, each of these toys awakens your child’s imagination in several ways.

Children at every stage build up an imaginary world in their minds, and most of them utilize the objects present in their surroundings to fuel and populate this world, it is essential as a parent to make sure that whatever object they use is fun as well as educative.

Magnetic building blocks are made from plastic; they are 3D blocks that snap together thanks to the tiny, powerful magnets located at the edges of the blocks.

All kids need to do when playing with the magnetic blocks is to put blocks that fit together, close to each other and they will snap into place. With this, toddlers can construct simple things like castles, barns, towers and the like. If you’re planning to buy online, you can find these building blocks at Toynk.

Magnetic Building Blocks

The blocks are available in two different sizes, both standard size and mini size and they are safe for children. For parents looking for constructive crafts for their toddlers, magnetic blocks are an excellent option, some of the benefits of playing with this toy are:

The magnetic building blocks improve logical thinking

It may seem a bit extra to try to get your toddler to think logically, but it isn’t, the blocks will encourage logical thinking both in the short and long-term, and they are mentally stimulating. While building, your child begins to ask important questions such as what happens when they snap two or more magnetic building blocks together and so on till they make something exciting and meaningful.

The blocks encourage creativity and build imagination

A lot of children have a healthy imagination; there are infinite worlds and possibilities continually bubbling in their minds and the more they see in their daily life, the more their imagination is spurred. Magnetic blocks will encourage your child to be imaginative and to think outside of the ordinary; it will also support creativity which in the long term would be incredibly useful to the child.

The blocks help to build social skills and help your child interact with peers

Toys like magnetic building blocks are best enjoyed in groups or teams that way children can bounce ideas off one another. Playing in pairs or a team also improves the social skills of the child and encourages interaction with other children. You may even get to see if your child has talent in construction or leadership skills or other essential skills that often emerge during group work.

The blocks help to build mathematical and symmetrical skills

A lot of people tend to find mathematics trying and that may be because they do not have the right background in the subject or fail to grasp mathematical concepts. This can be avoided at an early stage by encouraging your child to develop an interest in math and symmetry. When the child starts to comprehend the symmetry and math involved in the toys and games they play, understanding these concepts in other situations won’t be so difficult.

The block will help your child understand spatial relationships

A lot of IQ tests often test spatial awareness in teenagers and adults, and a surprising amount of people fail these tests. The building process may teach your child to understand spatial relationships and to recognize it outside of toys and games.

The blocks help to build patience, focus, and confidence

It may surprise to see your toddler so riveted by a toy, but that is the effect of the magnetic building blocks. Because of the need to build something and see it to completing, it will command your child’s attention and in turn, help the child to build focus and develop patience. Completing the task will give the child a sense of accomplishment and motivation and also help to build confidence.

The blocks improve coordination

Clumsiness in most toddlers is a given, after all, they have only just started to make use of their legs and hands in a meaningful way. The process of aligning the pieces helps to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination and to learn how to grip objects and bring them together correctly. It develops your child’s overall motor skills.

Magnetic blocks are suitable for learning, and they improve every aspect of your child from the way the child thinks to the way the child moves. They help your toddler to think for themselves to develop interests of their own; they assist in strengthening the child’s body dynamic intelligence. When your toddler assembles these magnetic building blocks into a variety of shapes, they stimulate the part of the brain responsible for intelligent design and creativity.