The Best Activities For Your Little Ones

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Preschoolers have a lot of energy and trying to keep up with them will take its toll on you especially if you are a busy parent. Your best bet to keep your them busy is to find activities for your little ones that will keep their attention for as long as possible.

There are tons of activities your child can engage in when they are not in school, from arts and crafts, free play, watching television, playing with their toys, play dates with other preschoolers, trips to the park, trips to the zoo, reading or trying to learn and much more.

Each of these activities has their advantages and disadvantages, and it is best to expose your child to a lot of activities for your little ones so that you can discover which one suits them and you best.

One of the most popular activities children engage in is arts and crafts, they learn it in kindergarten, and they can practice at home, some of the benefits your child will get from doing arts and crafts are;

Good motor skills

Hand-eye coordination and other coordination skills are essential for every child and learning specific crafts will help your toddler to develop these skills

things for toddlers to do


It is necessary for your toddler to understand the feeling of accomplishment after completing a task, practicing crafts and arts will help them to develop this rewarding feeling and encourage them to practice more.


Practicing arts and crafts tend to improve the focus and attention of toddlers, especially when they are surrounded by other toddlers each trying hard to complete a task set for them, it also teaches them patience and persistence so that they don’t give up until they have completed their tasks.


Practicing arts and crafts is an excellent opportunity for you to bond with your little ones, whenever you have the time you can play with them and teach them certain things and also monitor their development and see for yourself just how imaginative and creative your child is.

Free plays are also good activities for your little ones especially if they are the highly energetic type. Kids with lots of energy tend to have healthy imaginations and short attention span; it is always best to allow them to discover for themselves what they like to do and allow them to play till their tired.

Use bonding play time to harness their creativity even more by doing some role-playing activities! Team up with them to create a script and set up the stage (your living room or the backyard). The best part: whip out the props and costumes! Get fairy wings, adorable animal onesie pajamas, golden foil crowns, and sparkly wands. Of course, no fantasy set is complete without billowy cloaks or capes, tunics, and other medieval-inspired outfits. Besides being a bonding session and a way to gather the entire family, role-playing games can be a core memory for your kids.

Television is also a great way to keep your children occupied. There are several television channels dedicated solely to children, from entertaining shows to educative shows. Some of the shows aim to teach children values, while others educate them as if they are in school, there also cooking shows for children so that they can learn how to cook and bake. It is essential to monitor what your children watch as they are impressionable and often emulate the characters they see on television.

Toys are another way to keep your children occupied. Toys have been in existence for many years because children all over the world love them. Toys help to develop a child’s imagination, that much is evident when you see a child in pretend play. There are several types of toys that your child can play with, from cuddly toys to construction toys. You can buy them teddy bears and dolls, doll houses, toy cars, legos, magnetic tiles, playhouses, toy soldiers, and so much more. The number of toys available to children is overwhelming, and you and your toddlers have several options to choose from whenever you go to the toy shop. You may want to buy educative toys to help your child develop specific skills, but it is essential to consider what your toddler will enjoy before purchasing a toy else it will go to waste.

Play dates are excellent activities for your little ones for busy parents to cope, but you don’t have to be overwhelmed or afraid when it’s your turn to host the playdate. Children in groups are easier to keep occupied as there is very little chance of them getting bored. Activities like arts and crafts are most suitable for playdates because it helps the children learn while also keeping them busy and giving you time to yourself.


Here is an idea you probably haven’t done yet.

It’s a game to help keep kids busy and works their brain, its called treasure run and its a lot of fun. You Pick 6 hiding places, then you pick your kids age group. The website will give you print outs to hide and clues on how to find them.  Your kids will love doing these puzzles. Find the game here Treasure Run.


Trips to the park are often an excellent way to bond with your child and for your child to have tons of fun. Most parks have rides and slides and other fun activities for your little ones to play in, best of all, there are always other children there so if you don’t want to get involved, you could sit, read a book or do some work while keeping an eye on your little ones. If the climate is not ideal for outdoor playing, another option is the play center which is just like a park except that it is indoors.

Trips to the zoo may be as much fun or even more than trips to the park. The tour can also be a learning experience for your child and a chance for the toddler(s) to become acquainted with different exotic animals. Another option for activities for your little ones is a trip to the museum which can be just as educative and informative as a trip to the zoo.

There are so many other activities you can get your toddler to engage in; you can read to them and teach them how to read and write and draw, and if all else fails, you can put them down for a nap. Here’s another set of toys for indoor playing, many of them can be done alone.