The Finishing Touches That Add Significant Appeal at Your Open House

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An open house is an effective way to have potential buyers view your house if it’s up for sale. Considering the increased competition in the real estate industry, you need to ensure that your home is impressive to potential buyers. Forgetting small details could make you lose out on a client.

This article outlines the tips you need to apply to make your open house appealing in order to close a sale fast.

Open House Preparation Tips

Work on the following issues to have a successful open house.

Clean Up Thoroughly

A clean home gives an excellent first impression to buyers, making them feel that the house is well maintained. 


Pay attention to all the details in the house. Some tasks that are easy to forget include removing cobwebs and cleaning windows and doors. In addition, remember to take out the trash from all bins in the house. Finally, ensure you use cleaning products with mild scents for a fresher fragrance that isn’t irritating.


While you could choose to clean the house yourself, it is best to hire expert cleaners. The professionals would do a thorough job and find spots you would normally overlook.



 Removing clutter makes the home feel more spacious and attractive. It also allows new hopeful homeowners to focus on the house and not your accessories. In addition, clearing shelves and other storage areas gives potential buyers a better view of the space available.

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Remove Personal Items

Your aim with the open house should be to have the place as impersonal as possible. This helps buyers imagine their lives in that home and how they would set it up. 


Get rid of personal objects such as family photographs, kids’ artwork, certificates, souvenirs, and cards. These items may be dear to you, but they may be unappealing to a potential buyer.


Keep It Bright and Airy

A dark and gloomy house can instantly make a buyer lose interest. To make the home look well lit, ensure all the curtains are open, as this allows enough natural light to come in. If you have a dark hallway in the house or a specific room isn’t receiving sunlight, turn on the lights. It is advisable to have warm lights as they improve the ambience.


Get Rid Of Any Odours

No buyer wants to buy a stinky house. If there are any bad smells in your home, it is best to address them before the open house. Pay attention to pet-related odours and musty smells from damp items.


It is also advisable to air the house on the days leading to the open house to keep it fresh. In addition, you can use some scented candles with gentle aromas.


Work On Your Front Yard

Even before the buyer steps into the house, they already have an impression based on what they see outside. It is advisable to have your front area well kept.

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If you have a gate, make sure it’s clean and opens up readily. You can also repaint it if it looks unwelcoming.


For the lawn, mow it, rake any fallen leaves, and remove any toys left by the kids. If you have a garden, make sure it is weeded and remove any dying plants. Do not leave your gardening equipment lying around. Also, sweep the pathways or wash them if necessary. You can also add some colourful flower pots for aesthetics.


If you have outdoor furniture, make sure it’s well-arranged and in good shape. The furniture position matters as it gives the buyer a good idea of what to do outdoors.


Wrapping Up


While you may apply these tips yourself, it is best to get experts to help you make the perfect open house. They can use their experience to develop strategies that work best for your home and sell it fast. You may get a better offer as a result.