The Importance of a Good Quality Bed and Mattress

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For proper sleep and comfort, you must have a proper mattress and bed to sleep on. Sleep is a very essential need of our lives. Sleep controls our sanity and at the same time ensures that we stay in proper physical and mental balance. The bed and mattress we sleep on are very important for our lives and this comes as no surprise that sleep has an impact on your daily chores as well.

Thus it can be said that the bed and the mattresses are the main concern of how we sleep at night and how our next day would be. On some nights when you stay late outdoors for long or you work late, you hardly get a place to rest your head and body on. Factors like these can hamper your sleep a great deal. And not only beds and mattresses, for proper sleep you can also accessorize your beds with warm comforters. Comforters are fabrics that are sewn in the form of a pouch and they are filled with cotton, silk, or wool depending on one’s choice. Among them, cotton-filled comforters are of the utmost popularity because of the smooth touch they provide to the skin. You can look for the reviews of the cotton filling comforters online or you can visit any reliable store and can clear off your queries.

Therefore, you must have a proper and comfortable mattress to always be in proper health. With the right kind of mattress from a company like Nolah, you not only get your back supported, but will also make sure that you get a very relaxing sleep. Many factors are responsible for the issues you face like the body, back, and joint pains but a good mattress will ensure that you get rid of all such troubles. In this article, we shall discuss in detail the importance of a good quality bed and mattress in your life as well as your physical and mental health.

Benefits Of A Good Bed And Mattress

Improved Memory: A good quality mattress will ensure you sleep well. And since we all know that sleep ensures that you get your sleep cycle right which can result in many positive impacts. You can feel visible improvement in your memory and the ability to understand things nicely.

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A quality bed improves the quality of your sleep. At night, when we sleep, the brain rests as well and stays inactive. During this time, experts say that the brains go through consolidation. This can be said as a process where the incidents witnessed and recorded by the brain during the day go into the permanent and visible areas of it. As a result, you are very effectively able to recall the happenings.

We can also say that the brain during this time rehearses the things that we have learned during the day. With proper sleep, you would also be able to generate new ideas and can visualize things more effectively. This is the reason why having proper sleep is so beneficial for an individual in terms of learning and knowledge.

Improvement In Health: Directly or indirectly, the key to your proper health lies in your sleep. You must have at least 7 hours of sleep every day so that you don’t get ill very often. There are many diseases or we can say disorders that can happen due to the lack of proper sleep or even sleeplessness. They are heart issues, obesity, and also diabetes. It has been experimented and seen that if you are not getting proper sleep for continuously four days, then as a result the glucose levels in the blood can be said to be pre-diabetic. This is the reason it is suggested to take the proper recommended amount of sleep as suggested. And a good mattress will ensure that you get the amount of sleep that your body needs.

Control In Weight: Sleeping properly can also help you in controlling your weight. Not sleeping properly can also cause you to get obese. There is a reason behind this. When you don’t sleep properly you are most likely to remain tired and as a result, you don’t get the energy to eat healthily or go for exercises. You are tempted to eat junk and take untimely naps in the afternoons. This is one main reason why people begin to lose their mental balance and burn fat while suffering from sleeplessness.

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One more reason is the distribution of the leptin hormone all over your body while you are sleep-deprived. Once your body starts lacking this hormone, you would start craving junk and foods rich in cholesterol.

Lesser Amount of Stress: Stress can also cause irritability and lack of sleep leads to stress. It is proven that having a good amount of sleep ensures that your body releases happy hormones. This will lead you to stay happy and increase your productivity as well. You need at least 8 hours of sleep every day and if you continuously keep getting less then, you will start showing signs of mental imbalances. This will impact your mood as well and you will be left irritated, grumpy, and depressed all the time.

Therefore sleep is very important for our lives and a night of better sleep, a perfect bed and mattress is also required. Along with them, a perfect comforter would also help in providing you comfort to sleep peacefully. Comforters are like a bag and are filled with silk or cotton, or wool depending on your choice. They are available in all sizes depending on what size bed you sleep on. The perfect comforter size chart is mentioned below.


Size of Bed Size of Mattress Comforter Wide Comforter Long


28 x 52 inches 28-36 inches 48-52 inches
Twin 38 x 75 inches 66-68 inches 86-88 inches
Twin XL 38 x 80 inches 68 inches 90 inches
Full 54 x 75 inches 81-84 inches 86-88 inches
Queen 60 x 80 inches 86-88 inches 96-100 inches
King 76 x 80 inches 102 inches 86-88 inches
California King 72 x 84 inches 107-110 inches 96-98 inches


The above-mentioned factors would be beneficial to understand the benefits of a good mattress and a bed in our lives and how it helps in providing better sleep.

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