The Top 5 Title Software Companies

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If you are on the market for title software you need to consider several different aspects of the software, such as its features and costs. Listed below are some popular options. This article reviews the top five title company software options. Depending on your needs and budget, these products can help streamline your business processes.


SoftPro title closing software provides a comprehensive system for handling real estate transactions. The software offers a range of modules to simplify the closing process. Modules can handle form scanning, form design, automated 1099 creation, and more. Designed specifically for the title and closing industry, SoftPro is user-friendly and easy to learn. Features such as a database of vendors and access to closing templates make it a popular choice among title professionals.

In addition to a robust, customizable suite of products, SoftPro provides award-winning support and secure customer communication. With over 14,000 customers and 60,000 users nationwide, SoftPro’s closing software is reliable and highly customizable and can help you streamline your business and improve its profitability. Customers can take advantage of automation features, endless integrations with vendors, and other features to keep their processes compliant with Best Practices, regulatory requirements, and industry updates.

Closers’ Choice

The company has been providing closing and title software for over 40 years. Their software streamlines the closing process, provides a robust feature set, and integrates with popular title company applications. Learn how Closers’ Choice can improve your business. Despite its name, this title company software is a cloud-based solution, so you can save money and time on system maintenance while enhancing productivity.

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E-Closing is a cloud-based title production system, used by thousands of professionals nationwide. It helps you streamline your title business, record transactions, store documents, and manage multiple offices. E-Closing was originally developed for the New Hampshire real estate market in 2002, and it has since expanded nationwide. This software can handle both residential and commercial closings. It is also user-friendly, so even if you don’t have extensive IT experience, you can easily pick up the ropes and get started using this software.


Impact/SQL is a comprehensive, integrated title and escrow software system. Built on MS SQL as its backend, the software is divided into modules that provide various functions. Most employees will only use one of these modules, but the system shares data across all modules. In addition, Impact/SQL is fully customizable for each installation. The system allows users to create custom reports, including policy reports, and export them for digital transmission.

RamQuest One

The title company software that combines modern technology with proven business expertise is RamQuest One. This title production solution uses Microsoft technologies to deliver an integrated solution that combines all business processes. It features a comprehensive set of business functions and includes Microsoft Office Suite and Powerpoint. It also includes a fully integrated eSign capability. It provides a wealth of features for title companies of all sizes, from managing documents to delivering secure wiring instructions.