Tips to Prepare Your Garage to Welcome an Ev

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Electric Car Charging


EVs or electric vehicles are no longer a far fetched dream. They have become a reality and you can find them running on the roads like a boss. So, no wonder, finally, you have also thought about buying your dream car: an electric car. It will not only give an edge to your lifestyle but also free you from shocks of rising fuel prices.


So, you are excited, have given the news to your friends, but deep inside you are also worried. And the major concern is: how to prepare the garage for it? An electric car is not like other cars and it needs a different treatment to keep it running. So, you need to prepare the garage for this high-tech car.


Here are a few handy tips to prepare your garage before buying an EV:


Clean Your Garage


Most garages without any vehicle turn into a junkyard. You can find every useless house item snoozing in garages. From broken leg chairs, empty boxes, old bicycles, and worn out tables to broken window panels, you can find everything here. So, if your garage is also one of those junkyards, it is time to clean it up to park the EV car. It is also a time to throw away useless things that you never get time to sort out.


Once you get enough space to park the car, it is time to move towards other important matters.

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Install a Charging Station


Charging stations are the lifeline of an electric car. Obviously, they don’t run on fuels and need charging to keep them running. But running to a remote charging station every time you run out of the battery might not be a very convenient option. So, for certain good reasons, car manufacturers have also devised home charging options that can set your life.


You would need to install a charging station at home, also called as Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) that is the means to connect to an electricity source to charge the battery. Installing such a station is not easy and needs some professional touch. You can search EV charger installers near me and find the best electricians for this purpose. It can be overwhelming and require some work, but an expert electrician can make things easy-breezy for you.

Insulate Your Garage


EVs are no doubt marvellous innovations and their high-tech system is mind boggling. But there is one thing that might impact them: temperature. They are somehow temperature sensitive and any fluctuation in temperature can affect their battery life. So, make sure your garage is fully insulated before parking your car there. It will keep the car and its batteries in the best condition, and you can have your beloved car with you for a long time in the best condition.


Assess Power Panel Capacity

The power panel is the source to distribute electricity throughout the home. So, it is important to assess if your home’s power panel has the capacity to handle additional loads of EV charging. Most homes have 100 Amp power panels, but still you should ask an electrician to inspect the panel. If it doesn’t have the capacity, better think of a way to manage this issue. Either replace it with a more Amp power panel or install a separate one for the car. In either case, you might need some changes with a less capacity panel.

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With the ever fluctuating fuel charges, it is a good decision to switch to an electric car. Such cars make you tension free of filling your fuel tanks, but still you need to charge it. So, it is better to be prepared to handle all issues that come along with a shiny EV. Remember that buying the electric car is not difficult if you have money, but maintaining it is. So, if you are planning to buy an EV, it is time to move your leg to welcome it!