Top 3 Best Truck Upgrades for Performance

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Fire up your truck and see what that engine’s capable of with these top three performance upgrades. New brakes, nerf bars and lift kits are popular modifications for other purposes, but these three items are all about getting more horsepower out of your favorite pickup. Install them and head to a safe area to see what your modified ride is capable of.

Benefits of Truck Mods

A stock truck may have reliable performance, but it has to balance power, fuel economy and budget-friendly components. Modifications offer ways to improve your truck in a number of ways. From how to make my truck faster to how to install aftermarket lights for trucks, modifications are designed for specific purposes.

Why mod your truck? Here are some popular reasons to crank up the performance features of your pickup:

  • Add personality to your stock rig
  • Increase your horsepower and torque
  • Improve the off-road capabilities of your truck
  • Tailor your traction to your driving style
  • Add comfort to your ride

These are the general benefits you can enjoy with all types of truck mods, but you’ll need to purchase specialized parts to receive each individual one. An off-road mod isn’t necessarily going to add horsepower, but horsepower mods don’t affect the comfort of your truck.

Horsepower & Torque

Two key features you need to know about truck performance mods are horsepower and torque. Both describe different aspects of your engine’s performance, but horsepower is more important for determining the full capabilities of your truck.

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Convinced that your truck deserves a boost in horsepower? Here are three highly-rated upgrades that can help give your truck the power you want.

1. Turbocharger or Supercharger

Add forced induction to your truck to increase the horsepower by as much as 200 or more. A turbocharger uses a turbine spun by exhaust gases to force high-velocity, high-pressure air into the engine. More air in your engine, along with more fuel, means more horsepower.

Superchargers work in a similar way but are powered by a compressor. Thanks to the belt-driven design, you’ll experience less lag and more consistent performance.

2. Cold Air Intake

A more affordable way to bring in more air is to upgrade to a high-performance cold air intake system. Standard air intake systems draw air from the engine compartment of your truck, which is significantly hotter than the air outside of it. Draw cooler air into your engine and you’ll experience up to 10 horsepower gain thanks to the denser nature of cold air.

3. High-Flow Exhaust System

Increasing airflow to your engine is only half the story. All those exhaust fumes need a place to go, so a high-flow exhaust system can also improve your truck’s horsepower.

Swap out the catalytic converter and other components for increased airflow. Don’t be fooled by exhaust tips, which are typically about noise and style rather than performance.

Upgrade Your Truck Today

Whether you’re shopping for folding tonneau covers or turbochargers, find the must-have components for your truck online. Compare highly rated options online to see customer ratings, prices and other features.