How To Transform Your Kitchen On A Budget This Year

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Money is now something that all of us have to worry about following the events of the previous year. They showed us just how fragile our security is. But, even if money is tight that doesn’t mean that you can’t do that kitchen makeover you’ve been dreaming of for a year or two! You just have to operate within your budget constraints. Here are five tips on how to do some kitchen renovations on a budget. kitchen

Paint up a storm

Painting your kitchen is one of the cheapest ways to give it a new look. Whether you’re looking to go bold or muted, a few cans of paint will really give your kitchen a refresh. One thing to remember with painting kitchens is that they don’t have to be white. Grey is a good neutral color for kitchens, if you’re going for a muted tone, consider grey kitchen cabinetry mixed with white marble (or faux marble) countertops. Lighter shades of blue are also a prospect for those seeking a light-but-not-white color scheme. 

Fix your old plumbing yourself 

You don’t necessarily have to replace your old plumbing entirely. If you have a leaky tap, for example, sometimes a fix is just as good a solution as a replacement. You don’t even have to hire a professional if you want to do it yourself. 

Make sure you turn off the water at the main source before you begin this process. Remove your tap, o-rings, and washers. Now that you have access to the innards of the tap, give those a good clean and pay attention to the ‘head’ of the faucet, give that a good clean too. Next, replace everything in reverse order and you’re good to go! You can also do this in other rooms in the house to save money. 

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Give your tiled splashback new life 

This can be done with a coat of paint, or simply by replacing the old, worn-out grout. Maybe you can even put on one of those sticky tile facades over your existing backsplash to give it a fresh look. Sure, it’s cheap, but if it works for you, then why not? 

If you’d like to put a little money into your kitchen somewhere, then this might be the place to do it. If you have old, cracked tiles, it might be time to consider replacing the backsplash entirely. Granted, you may spend a little more money upfront, but consider it an investment in the space for the next decade. 

New accents kitchen

Your kitchen accents are part of what makes your kitchen different. Here is another area of the kitchen where you may consider putting in a few extra pennies. Whether you’re changing your window decorations, such as putting in new curtains, or if you’re changing your power outlet covers to reflect your new paint job, it may be worth putting in the extra money and time to change up some of the smaller things. 

Door handles are another small thing that is cheap to replace, but if you’ve recently painted the cabinets, a good idea is to replace the door handles to add to the new look. The devil is in the details, after all. 

Add Some Life into Your Kitchen

A great way to upgrade your kitchen is by adding something alive. You can choose plants and put them on the countertop, in pots, or even hang them from the ceiling to save space. Some herbs or greens can also be great decorations as well as your own source of fresh produce.

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You can also choose mushrooms to put on your countertop or kitchen window. These fungi are low-maintenance and nutrient-rich. If foraging is not one of your skills, you can easily purchase a spray-and-grow mushroom kit. Your chosen mushroom, instructions on how to grow and regrow it, and things you need to take care of are all contained within.

Clean the space 

Our last recommendation is to clean your kitchen from top to bottom. Spend half a day, or however long it takes to do this. You will feel better afterward! Give it a deep clean. This means cleaning out all the cupboards and throwing away old forgotten food, maybe do some cupboard rearrangement while you’re at it. 

Scrub down metal surfaces like faucets and sinks and get them shining. Don’t forget your stovetop. Take everything apart and clean it individually and then put it back. The last step is to wash any and all dirty dishes and put them back where they came from. Voila! It’s almost like a brand new kitchen. 

There’s plenty you can do to your kitchen that doesn’t cost a lot of money, you just have to be creative and think differently about what constitutes a kitchen renovation.