Various Types of Chipper Shredder Machine

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A tree shredder machine is a handy gardening equipment that helps you reduce waste in your garden or yard or turn the wood, branches, and leaves to organic waste. The wood and leaves you feed into this machine can be added to your compost pile for manure.

If you care about the environment and you want a clean, organized garden or yard, then a tree shredder machine is a good investment for you. It is especially useful for people with large gardens or lots of trees in their yard, during the autumn season when the leaves won’t stop falling this machine will save you lots of time and stress.

There are two parts to the chipper shredder, the chipper, and the shredder, the engine of the machine runs on the electricity and blades inside the computer do the chipping and shredding. The tree shredder machine is high, so it can cut branches that are out of reach for you. However, the width of the branches it can cut varies according to the tool. The waste goes to the bottom of the shredder, and you can use it as compost for your garden.

tree shredder machine

The machine is also quite safe to operate even though it has blades and anyone can use them as they are not very complicated.

There are different types of these tools available on the market, and they vary according to price, power, and function. Whichever one you want to go for depends on your gardening needs.

Bucket style chipper shredder

This tree shredder machine is just as the name suggests, it has a funnel or bucket-like design, and the blades and motor are at the rear end of the tool. The blades are round and spread out evenly from the center. While the machine is in action, you can place a bucket beneath it to collect the debris that gathers at the bottom; an alternative is a garbage bag. It also features an air filter system, and it is perfect for a small garden because it is portable and relatively quiet. You don’t have to worry about it bothering your neighbors.

Drum chipper

This tool has quite an unusual shape, and it features drums on either side with the blades attached in a parallel way. The knives in the tree shredder machine rotate in a perpendicular direction to the blades, and the chip shredder is behind them. The drum chipper is utilized for heavy duty work, and it is mostly for industrial use.

Screw chipper
This chipper shredder comes screw-shaped, conical and stretching blades located inside the machine. It has a funnel-type design where the blades are placed at the bottom of the machine, and the blades are specifically for wood chopping. The knives are usually quite sharp, and they rotate while chopping the wood. These type of chipper shredder is also ideal for industrial use, and they are quite versatile.

Disk chipper
Disc-style chippers are one of the best for commercial use, and they have been in existence for years. Disc-style chippers are one of the best for commercial use, and they have been in existence for much longer than all the other types of tree shredder machine. They work by using hydraulics to power big wheels that move the feed from the hopper to the disc which is generally fixed at a square angle. The disc chipper features a flywheel that comes with a steel disc embedded with blades for chopping the wood. The chipper is on a roller belt, and the blades cut through the wood as the operator pushes it to the chipper. The disc chipper can cut wood of up to sixteen to eighteen inches in diameter, and you need about four thousand to five thousand hp to operate the machine.

Electric chipper shredder
The electric chipper shredder is portable and more popular than the others on this list; it is also suitable for private use. It has an ergonomic design, and it is quite fast and efficient. The operator feeds the wood into the chipper from the front, the engine is located at the bottom of the machine, and the blades are attached to the engine, directly below the wood. The chipper shredder also comes with handles, and the controls are on a board close to the handles, for easy access. It also comes with a pusher for the wood or feed so that you can push the wood towards the blades. The electric chipper or high torque roller also works quietly, thanks to the electric motor which makes it even more ideal for residential purposes and they usually come with low-speed grinding rollers and anti-jamming features, so you don’t have to worry much about excess dust.

Multipurpose tree shredder machine
If you are on the look-out for a two in one shredder that works as a chipper, shredder, and mulcher, then a multipurpose chipper is ideal for you. There are also excellent for residential use, and the shredder can convert fibrous material or leaves to mulch. The machine is, and you can use it like a lawnmower.