Ways to save money on train travel in the UK

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With the cost of living rising across the country and the significant increase in fuel prices, many people are looking for ways to save money, especially on their travel expenditure. Travelers are often discouraged from taking the train, believing it to be too complicated and expensive. 

But there are ways to save money on your rail journeys, resulting in affordable and convenient train travel. We’ll take a look at the easiest ways to get the best value train tickets, wherever you’re heading. 

Avoid peak travel 

Making your journey outside of busy times means you’ll get a cheaper ticket. Rush hours such as early morning and late afternoon during the week are peak times for travel so choose to go outside of these and you won’t pay a premium. This is especially true when travelling into and around London, so it’s worth being flexible if your schedule allows. 

Statistics show that commuting is the most common reason for rail travel so if you are able to journey off-peak, you’re likely to experience a less busy train and find a seat. 

Book in advance

Advanced tickets can be bought at various different prices but you could get up to 50% off the usual cost. They’re available around 6-12 weeks before you travel so book early to get the best discounts. They often sell out pretty quickly so get in there fast for top savings, especially if you’re travelling on a popular or long-distance route. 

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Get a railcard

Railcards can save you a third on your travel across the country. There are many options available such as family, 16-25, senior and veterans’ railcards. They usually cost £30 for a year, working out great value for money if you make frequent rail trips. 

Consider a rail pass 

If you’re visiting the UK from overseas, you could save money on train journeys with an InterRail or Brit Rail pass. They’re useful if you’re planning on embarking on lots of rail travel on your visit and can be used across many routes. InterRail offers routes across Europe so this a great way to save if you’re taking an extended trip. 

By taking the time to do some careful planning, booking ahead and considering the discounts available, you can save on your train travel and make rail journeys a great value option for getting around the country.