What supplies do I need for a dog?

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dog collar

The dog is man’s best friend! That’s why, so important to choose the right dog supplies. It’s like buying new shoes. Some prefer to buy cheaper but trendy, while others prefer high-quality and durable

 shoes for years. It all depends on your preferences and the individual features of your doggy. Here, at Waudog we know what really good dog supplies are. You can trust us because our company has worked for more than 20 years and has millions of fans all over the world. 

Why is it better to buy a dog collar online?


Oh, in 21 century you can buy anything on the Internet and of course dog supplies too. Buying at Waudog you have free delivery for orders from $50. It’s easy to choose because you have a detailed description and size chart. Also, you can get a discount of 10 % on your first order. Moreover, we have a money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty for all our hardware. We provide a lot of benefits for our beloved clients. 


But our collection is different from others in the market. We have a large collection of materials: leather, nylon, recycled cotton, and innovative water-resistant material Collartex. 

Buy accessories for dogs online at Waudog.com, here you can find harnesses, collars, overalls, vests, raincoats, leashes, and retractable leashes for your doggy. And the last but not least advantage, that all our collars are equipped with FREE QR tags. By scanning the QR code, you are transferred to the mobile application. The application is multifunctional, here you can save your pet’s passport, veterinary documents, set vaccination reminders, and receive cashback from purchases, etc. In case your pet is lost: as soon as the person who found the dog scans the QR code, you will immediately receive a notification with the dog’s geolocation. Now you have a million reasons to buy dog collars online at Waudog.

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Opportunity for customization 


You have a great opportunity to create your personal design on QR tags and leather collars. During registration on the site, a wide range of basic designs is offered, but you also have the opportunity to create your design. If you do not want to bother with creation, just select the one you like best from the large list of proposed designs. The creators do not limit and allow you to realize your fantasies. It is much more interesting to become part of the creation process and make a design that will satisfy you 100%. Just choose your favorite photo or picture during registration. It is guaranteed that you will get tremendous pleasure by receiving a unique dog accessory, which you are a co-author of. 


Choose anything you want at our store, feel free to buy dog supplies online. You want to attract the attention and envy of other dog owners – okay, buy dog harness online with an amazing galactic pattern, licensed by NASA. If you want to support smart consumption and fight against fast fashion — we have an amazing collar made of recycled materials. If you want something durable and long-lasting – a classic leash made of real leather. And finally, for those active owners who don’t want to miss walking even if it rains outside – we have a waterproof set (harness, collar, and leash). You see, that your doggy comfort is our main aim. Visit our site – Waudog.com.

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