Why are Smokeless Sparklers a Must-Have for Your Event?

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In the past, people who celebrated special events were forced to use their sparklers outside regardless of the brand they purchased because they produced a lot of fumes when they burned. Therefore, using them indoors was never a realistic option. However, now there are certain sparklers that have been specifically designed for indoor use, which means now you can enjoy the beauty of those sparklers no matter what venue the special occasion is being held. Using sparklers can add beauty and romance to any photograph, but if you use the type that produces fumes that obstruct the pictures, then they will not appear clearly. However, if you use the type that does not produce any fumes, then you will get clear and beautiful pictures, and will also have a more pleasant experience using them.

Color options

Manufacturers use powder that makes wedding sparklers burn in colors like green, red, or blue, which produce a lot of fumes as they burn. Therefore, if you need smokeless sparklers, then you only have one color option which is gold. Gold is the natural color that these sparkles typically burn when they do not contain any color pigments. These colors add a fun vibe to any event, especially at weddings. They bring a fun vibe that everyone can enjoy during the event.

Handle material

Cheap wedding sparklers are made using a bamboo or wooden handle which can smolder and create ash that will release a lot of carbon dioxide fumes. Therefore, you should choose sparklers that have a steel wire handle that doesn’t smolder. Though they are made of metal, the handles are cool to the touch. This means you don’t have to worry about anyone hurting themselves, especially children. Everyone can enjoy the fun of sparklers and have an enjoyable time.

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There are many diverse types of sparklers available in the market today, and each size has advantages depending on how you want to use them. However, the most popular length is 36 inches, because they burn for more than four minutes and do not create any carbon dioxide fumes. These are great for events like weddings where you want those sparklers to last. Other popular choices are the 10-inch and 20-inch sparklers, but they burn for a shorter period. This is great for chiller events where you don’t need too many sparklers and just want them for show.

Best uses for wedding sparklers:

Wedding photos

Wedding photos

Whether you want to hold your wedding indoors or outdoors, you should choose sparklers that do not produce any fumes. This is so your photos can be as crisp and clear as possible, especially if you want to have a lot of sparklers burning simultaneously in a tight space. Having sparklers going off in the background adds a fun ambiance to the photo. It highlights that your love for each other is never going out. But make sure you choose the right ones that match the wedding’s vibe.

Send-off lines

A typical send-offline consists of 100 or more guests, which means there will be a lot of sparklers burning at once. Therefore, when you use wedding sparklers do not emit fumes. This will make it easy to breathe fresh air, the photos will look beautiful and clear. In addition, the steel wire handle will not smolder and will prevent hot embers or ashes from burning your wedding dress or tuxedo as you exit the venue. You also want to make sure you invest in sparklers that are easy to clean up afterward.

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Wedding sparklers are the best option for all wedding venues. They can enhance your photos and keep them clear. In addition, since they do not produce any carbon dioxide fumes, they will keep the air fresh. Just make sure you purchase sparklers that are gold and are made with steel wire handles. You don’t want to invest in cheap sparklers as they may end up causing more of a mess. Go for sparklers that are high quality and will be the star of the show.