Why Should You Choose Vue.js for Web Development?

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A Guide to Web development – Introduction:

While most of us know Web Development as web markup and coding. In reality, it refers to all development activities, including client-side or server-side scripting, server & network security configuration, content management and development, e-commerce development, and much more.


Web development or Website development entails all tasks that cover building a website. Such activity can account for anything, from creating a simple Web page to building a complex application or social network. 


Business owners across the world hire Web developers to build a unique website. Understanding the basics of Web development is crucial in the current technology-driven world.


Global Digital Population – 2021


The Internet holds a vital niche that’s not disappearing anytime soon and has emerged as the primary scope of research and entertainment. According to research data, in 2021, there can be more than 4 billion global active users of the Internet, which amounts to over 59% of the global population. Web development is exponentially expanding and is estimated to grow 13% in the current decade, a lot quicker than any other industry.


Comparison between Front & Back-end Web Development:

Individuals new to the coding world might get perplexed by the terms like front and back-end web development or even full-stack development. However, demystifying the Web development styles is uncomplicated. We all know what web development stands for, and now the styles behind such development shall be uncovered. 


Front End website developers build websites from a user perspective, taking care of the layout and interactivity and integrating programming languages like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. It’s all about ensuring that the website’s visual aspects are functional, a more ‘Client side’ if Web application. 

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Such developers borrow web designs from UX or UI designers and turn them into reality, building a static website. Front-end developers function includes –


  • Building buttons or animations
  • Organizing content 
  • Responsible for navigation and graphics creation 


On the other hand, back-end website development emphasizes the website elements hidden from the user, responsible for the website’s interactivity, working on programming languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, and others. 


More popularly termed as the ‘server side’ of a website, the back-end developers manage the databases and related contents, ensuring seamless working of the front end. Back-end developers work on functions, such as – 


  • Building codes 
  • Debugging and troubleshooting 
  • Managing databases
  • Utilizing framework 


Vue.Js: The revolutionary JavaScript framework for web applications


A front-end JavaScript framework introduced Web applications and user interfaces inspired by the model-view strategy – Vue.js. 

Primarily focused on component composition and view layer, this framework calls for extensive knowledge and expertise in HTML and JavaScript. Designed by Evan, You back in 2014, Vue.js can develop UIs and single-page applications; Vue.js 2.6- the most preferred choice for Web developers, according to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, 2019


The progressive framework provides a complete array of features that make it feasible for business enthusiasts and aspiring Web developers to enter the UI world. 


  • According to a global survey in 2020, Vue.js gained 1,71,000 stars on Github, the most popular and in high demand among the developer world. 
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Most Preferred Frameworks – 2019


  • Moreover, the global margin of Vue.js usage has rapidly increased to 18.9%, mentioned by a statista report in 2021.

Most used web frameworks among developers worldwide, as of 2021


Reasons to choose Vue.js for web development:

Global developers have expressed a growing interest in continuing to develop websites with Vue.js due to many reasons. 


  • Flexibility The extensive flexibility rendered by Vue.js is extraordinary, allowing seamless integration with JavaScript and HTML projects. 


  • Precise Size – The application is small in size and brings agility and speed. 


  • Enhanced Performance – It provides higher performance, managing a high frame rate and its simple structure and ease of development. 


  • Bidirectional Communication – Vue.js is more popular due to its two-way communication feature, offering bi-directional data binding abilities. 


  • Virtual Dom Vue.js uses a virtual object model, reducing development cost and allowing only changes into the JS object.



Vue.js has gained immense popularity due to its innumerable benefits over other web development frameworks. This framework is further potent to bring the best out of Angular.js and React.js frameworks in a single place, displaying unique features. 


Incorporating a robust Vue.js developer is the wish of most prominent brands, and this framework seems to have a bright future in web application and mobile application development.