Why Should you Get a Yoga Mat?

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It’s not possible to think about yoga without a good quality yoga mat. You can say that a yoga mat is more like equipment for proper yoga practice. And it’s definitely not a gimmick!


So, if you are planning to practice yoga, then you indeed need a yoga mat to practice it perfectly. 


Therefore, in this article, I’ll be telling you all the ins and outs of why you need to have a good quality yoga mat. So, read till the end to acquire all the necessary information. 


History of Yoga Mats


Angela Farmer is one of the most reputed yoga gurus (teachers) in this world. She has been practicing and teaching yoga for over four decades. 


When she was very young, she underwent a deadly surgery because she got injured while performing yoga. And the reason for her injury was when she was practicing yoga; there were no yoga mats at that time. 


Therefore, her hands and feet started to sweat. And as it was hardwood floor, she slipped and devastatingly injured herself. 


But this didn’t discourage her from practicing yoga. Instead, she endured the pain and made her weakness a strength!


So in 1968, one day, while she was teaching yoga in Munich, she noticed some sort of thin underlay from a random carpet factory. 


This was the ultimate solution to her problem!


After returning to London, she made her own carpet-underlay which is now called a “yoga mat.” It became very popular among her students. 


Seeing this wonderful dedication of Angela, her father connected with the German carpet factory owner and became the very first yoga mats retailer. 

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Why Are Yoga Mats Needed?


Yoga mats are more for your safety rather than just equipment for yoga practice. 


When you are doing yoga, you’ll likely be sweating a lot. And during this time, you must stand or sit firm while taking your asanas (positions).  


For instance, if you have ever practiced yoga in the sand or on a blanket, then you would definitely know that standing postures indeed require a lot of strength and flexibility. 


Therefore, in order to prevent any sort of injury, you must have a durable and firm yoga mat!


Yoga is not at all an easy fitness practice. Many positions might seem simple, but in reality, they can indeed cause an injury if you do not perform correctly. 


Flexibility and strength matter a lot during yoga practice. For instance, when you perform “Surya Namaskar” ( a famous yoga position), it’s crucial that you keep your hands and feet firm. 


As it’s an advanced yoga position, it requires a lot of strength and flexibility to perform this entire position perfectly. 


Moreover, yoga mats are designed in such a way that no matter how difficult or stretchy the position might be, these mats can withstand all of these pressures. 


Although, in order to get all these facilities, you do need to purchase good quality and a durable yoga mat. But no need to worry about the price as these mats do come at a very reasonable price. 


Yoga Space Matters!


It’s indeed imperative that the space you are practicing yoga has a calm, soothing, and considerable amount of space. 


When you practice yoga in a calm and peaceful place, you’ll feel connected with nature, which is one of the most important aspects of yoga. This you can do when you are practicing yoga alone!

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Even your yoga mats will also play a vital role in making you feel connected with “deep yoga.” You’ll see that students have different colors of yoga mats during the yoga sessions in the studio. And these colors also play an essential role in making you feel more comfortable and connected with yoga


Therefore, yoga mats do more than just provide you stability and firmness. These actually make you feel more comfortable mentally and give out that sense of inner peace, motivating you to perform yoga accurately!


Moreover, yoga mats even give you a personal space of your own that makes you feel more comfortable during yoga sessions. 


Bottom Line

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Whenever you are buying yourself a yoga mat, make sure that you check whether it’s durable or not. You can always go through the reviews if you are buying online, or you can simply call your provider to give you all the necessary details. 


The color choice is entirely on your freedom, but I’ll recommend you choose light colors as these can give you a soothing and more relaxed feeling when practicing yoga. 


In the end, yoga is surely one of the most effective fitness practices that everyone can do. Moreover, it gives you that inner peace that is essential to stay more active both mentally and physically. 


I hope this article will help you to know why you need a yoga mat for yoga practice!!