10 Tips to Treat Melasma On Your Skin

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Have you ever noticed dark or discolored patches on your skin? Then it could be Melasma.


Melasma is one of the many skin problems that are very common nowadays. The majority of women suffer from melasma. The chances of melasma are unlikely to occur in men. A study was conducted in 2013 that involved 515 adult employees of the University Campus of Botucatu, Sao Paulo State University. In the study, melasma was identified in 34% of women and 6% of men.


It can appear on your chin, cheeks, nose, or your forehead. Melasma is sometimes called the “mask of pregnancy”.


Basically, the skin that is exposed to the sun can cause melasma in anybody. In this article, we will be discussing some tips that you can utilize to get rid of melasma. These include some home remedies as well.


Let us get started!


The Causes of Melasma

To treat melasma, let us first understand the causes of melasma to get a clear idea about it. 


Although the causes of melasma are still not clear, here are a few things that are believed to trigger it. 


As the UV rays from the sun tend to stimulate melanocytes, this can trigger melasma to reappear. It is better to cover up your skin when you step out to prevent this from happening.


In addition to this, a change in hormones can also trigger melasma. Birth control pills can trigger melasma as the estrogen directly acts on the melanocytes, causing more pigmentation. 


These kinds of skin problems are well known among cosmetologists. By studying cosmetology, you can help out others with this kind of skin problem. You need to understand the concept of a cosmetologist test to gain a cosmetologist license. A few practice tests are helpful simulations for the actual exam. 


10 Tips to Treat Melasma

We have gathered a list of treatments or tips that you can utilize to get rid of those dark discolored patches from your skin. The following list covers both home remedies and other ways that you can use to get it treated. 

Aloe Vera Gel

One of the major tricks to get rid of melasma is to use aloe vera gel. The chemicals present in aloe vera gel are Aloin and Aloesin. They help in reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation by destroying the existing melanin cells.


The aloe vera gel is also known to offer deep moisturizing and is also gentle in nature, it helps in lightening the dark patches. 

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In pregnant ladies, the liposome-encapsulated aloe gel is known to get rid of melasma due to its ease in percolation.

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is known to be an anti-inflammatory agent. It is widely used in many skin treatments and also in ayurvedic treatments. 


You can apply turmeric powder by mixing it with water to make it into a paste. And then you can apply that to your skin where you have dark patches and remove them. The antioxidant and antibacterial properties present in turmeric will help to lighten the skin.


You can also add milk and gram flour along with the turmeric powder to make a nice face mask. It helps in skin brightening and reduces hyperpigmentation. 

Black Tea Water

Black tea water is known for its astringent properties. When this is applied to your skin, it helps in lightening the dark patches present on your skin. As they are rich in antioxidant properties, black tea helps in getting rid of free radicals and removes toxins. 


It is also known to offer deep moisturizing and aids to calm inflammatory pigmentation. 


Apply black tea water with a cotton ball to evenly apply it on your skin. Also applying this twice a day to your skin can help in reducing melasma. 

Red Lentils

Red lentils are known to treat melasma due to their antioxidant property. These have been widely used in ayurvedic treatments for skin lightening. It has a high protein content that helps to eliminate dead skin cells.  


You can grind the red lentil to make it into a paste and then apply it to your skin. Leave it at rest for half an hour. You can later wash it with cold water.


If you seem to find any dryness in your skin, apply a light moisturizer to it after washing. 

Tomato Paste

You can get rid of melasma with tomato paste. This is easily available and also easy to make. 


Due to lycopene that is found in tomatoes, it helps in protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. 


You can also add a little bit of olive oil to your tomato paste to have better results. Application of tomato paste twice a day can show quick and better results. 

Orchid Extracts

The orchid extracts are known to reduce the melasma from your skin. Although not completely, it lightens the dark patches on your skin. It is as effective as vitamin C in reducing hyperpigmentation. 

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Due to its antioxidant properties, it reduces tyrosinase activity and results in skin lightening. 


The orchid extracts should not be applied directly to your skin. Rather they have to apply in the form of hydrating masks, serums, or nourishing creams.


This way, you can find better results and reduce hyperpigmentation from your skin. 

Licorice Extracts

The roots of licorice are known to inhibit tyrosinase. Tyrosinase is an enzyme that causes pigmentation in the skin. These are triggered by too much sun exposure. 


You can either apply the licorice extract by mixing it with a face mask or you can purchase creams or lotions with this ingredient present. 


You can mix the licorice extract with sandalwood to prevent dryness on your skin. 

Sun Protection

This is one of the important but simple tips to remember. Protect your skin from the sun. 


Have a skincare routine every day and make it your habit to prevent any skin problems from arising. 


Whenever you step out, apply sunscreen or cover your face with a scarf or use a hat. Do not expose your skin to too many sun rays.


The harmful UV rays tend to trigger melasma. So, it is necessary to protect your skin from the sun. 



Whenever you go to a doctor for consultation, hydroquinone is what they often suggest to treat melasma.


This is available as a lotion, gel, and cream. You can either buy them yourself or get a doctor to prescribe them for you. 


You can apply this directly on your dark patches and it eventually lightens the skin with regular use. 

Triple Creams

Triple creams can also be referred to as combined creams. This is a combination of hydroquinone, tretinoin, and corticosteroids. 


These are best known to treat melasma and lighten your skin tone. They are available as creams, gel, and lotions.


You can purchase them depending on the form that is suitable for you. 


Final Thoughts

Melasma caused by a change in hormone or pregnancy will eventually fade away as time passes. But if you want to get rid of them immediately, you can make use of the tips that are mentioned in this article. 


A regular application is required to get rid of melasma. It is not possible to get rid of it overnight. So with a little patience and more persistence, you can attain great results.