Career in marketing in 2021 – Jobs, Salary, Qualifications

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What is Marketing?

Marketing is a process of finding out what makes a target audience tick, discovering what they need and how they feel. This is done through many methods such as interviews, surveys, focus groups, and experimentation. 


Marketing is one of the most important aspects of the business. It’s all about focusing on customer needs and finding ways to solve their problems by creating products or services that they want through communication strategies.


The goal of marketers is to understand their customer’s needs in order to provide the best service/product for them.


Marketers often try to find out how consumers feel about product features (e.g., the sound quality of a car) or make assumptions about what certain people will like (e.g., everyone loves watches).


 The aim is to develop a marketing strategy that will meet the needs of the target market, and have them buy products or services.


Marketing often focuses on how consumers use the product. It’s not just about making money but also about increasing sales, brand awareness, market share and customer loyalty. 


Marketing as a Career Path

Marketing is a growing career path that offers many opportunities in the business world. Marketers can make a lot of money and become very successful in their careers. Many people go into marketing because they love to create new products, design advertising campaigns, work with clients or simply want to help others. 


There are many different types of marketers including brand managers, product managers, creative directors, media planners, and account managers.


Most marketers have a degree in marketing or business as well as experience in some form of the industry. In addition to these qualifications, they must be good at communication skills and creative thinking abilities because those are the two most important aspects of being a marketer.


The bottom line is that the field of marketing offers many opportunities for success and growth. 


When choosing a career path, it’s important to find one that fits your personality and skills.  Marketing is a good choice for those who are creative, can work well with others and have a passion for marketing.


There are many ways to market products and services including print media, television, radio, online ads or direct mail. 


In today’s business world there are lots of different types of marketing including public relations, customer service, retail and distribution. 


Marketing can be applied to all different types of products from cars to insurance companies. 


In order for a company to succeed, it must market its product or service in the best way possible. 


The History of Marketing as a Profession

Marketing has been a profession since the late 1800s. However, there were many changes in the job market and standards of marketing from the early days to now.


In 1868, John Wannamaker, a pioneer in modern marketing, established one of America’s first department stores. In 1875, he was listed among the “prominent merchants” in New York City. He was also a member of society and an active member in politics and business associations.


There is a lot that marketers did not learn about marketing until recently. The industry did not have clear job roles or responsibilities until relatively recently when various advertising agencies started to form during the early 1900s. In 1906, William Paley created his company which became one of the earliest-known American advertising agencies selling both commercial and non- commercial products.


The 1930s saw the formation of two major agencies, J. Walter Thompson and Foote, Cone & Belding that would become part of what is now known as the DDB Worldwide advertising agency conglomerate. The 1940s marked a time when many people started to learn about  marketing as a profession. As the country went through World War II, advertising agencies played an important role in supporting the war effort.


In 1950s and 1960s many new companies formed such as Dancer Doyle Dane & Bernbach, Publicis and Ogilvy which would later become household names to the modern marketing industry.



By the late 1960s, marketing was recognized as a profession in America and became one of the most sought after jobs. During this time many large corporations started to hire market researchers to study their products and develop new advertising campaigns for them.


Types of Marketers and Marketing Roles

Marketing is an umbrella term that includes all the efforts made to bring a product or service to the customer in order to generate revenue. The roles in marketing include marketer, business development executive, business analyst, and marketing specialist.


Marketers are the bridge between the company and its customers. They are responsible for creating, managing, and measuring all customer interactions with a company.


Marketing is a broad field with many roles. In order to expand your knowledge of this field, it’s important for marketers to have a broader understanding of what types of marketers there are and what their role in marketing is.


There are three types of marketers:


  1. Integrated Marketers – they focus on integrating different elements of marketing. They optimize across the entire marketing mix, like pricing and product.


  1. Product Marketers – they focus on creating and selling products and services, like retail or digital products.


  1. Media Marketers – they deal with media planning and advertising only, like TV, radio or digital advertising that include ppc marketing, ads management, etc.


The marketing mix consists of the elements that are used to market a product or service. These include price, promotion, place and placement, packaging and distribution, point-of-purchase (POP), communication media including television commercials, radio ads and print advertising.


Qualifications for a Career in Marketing

In order to succeed in marketing, it is important to have a broad knowledge of the business and its goals. In addition, marketing is a fast-paced and evolving field so it helps if you’re able to keep up with new trends and ideas.


Qualifications for a Career in Marketing:


– A degree in marketing, business administration or related field


– Experience in digital media production


– Proficiency with Adobe suite of software programs, like Photoshop and Illustrator

– Knowledge of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

– Excellent communication skills


-The ability to interact with clients and prospects.

Marketing also requires a specific skill set: 


  • Research – identifying your target market


  • Creativity – coming 


Marketing Careers and Job Opportunities – Entry Level to

Management Level

 If you’re interested in marketing careers, the entry-level is usually part-time or seasonal.

The following are examples of entry-level marketing jobs: 


  • Brand Manager – develops and maintains a brand identity for a company through its products and services. He/she works with the marketing department to create advertising campaigns, product packaging, and marketing collateral.


  • Product Marketing Specialist – focuses on developing products that are competitive with existing products. They also develop the company’s brand identity and determine to price for products.


  • Customer Service Representative – handles customer complaints, helps with product returns and ensures that customers are satisfied with their experience in stores or online. 


  • Graphic Designer – creates advertising materials like brochures, flyers  , posters, business cards and marketing collateral. They also create logos for a company’s products or services.


  • Marketing Coordinator – works with the sales department to market a product in stores or online. They develop advertising campaigns, determine pricing for products and coordinate production of promotional materials.


Other than this, there are also management level jobs. Some of them are:


  • Marketing Manager – oversees the marketing department and is responsible for developing advertising campaigns, determining pricing for products and coordinating production of promotional materials. 


  • Product Manager – develops new products for sale in stores or online. They also develop the company’s brand identity and determine pricing for products  .
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  • Advertising Manager – designs and implements advertising campaigns for a company. They also determine pricing for products and coordinate production of promotional materials. 


  • Retail Marketing Manager – plans and implements a company’s retail marketing strategy. They also determine pricing for products and coordinate production of promotional materials.


  • Advertising Executive – creates advertising campaigns for a company. They also determine pricing for products and coordinate production of promotional materials.


  • Freelance marketer – Marketing freelancers are generally used in the marketing and advertising industry. They help companies to create content and can also be used as a way of promoting the business.


In summary,  there are many different kinds of jobs available in the retail industry. The roles that these employees play are quite diverse and unique.


Salary Expectations for a Career in Marketing

The salary expectations in the marketing industry vary according to the field, title, experience level, and location. Low-paying jobs in marketing are not uncommon, but when you consider the growth in the field and the importance of marketing in today’s business world, salaries seem to be on the rise.


The starting salaries range anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 with an average salary of about $50,000.


The salary expectations of a career in marketing vary depending on your industry and what type of positions you are looking for. Marketing positions also vary depending on where you live.


 For example, someone who is looking for a job working for an advertising company might earn more than someone who is interested in working at an investment firm.


What does your salary expectation look like if you’re not living near major cities? The answer to that question depends on what state or city you live in. Some states like Utah have very low living costs while others like New York has average living costs.

Therefore, if you live in a major city like New York City or Los Angeles and your living expenses are high, you can expect to earn more than someone who lives in Utah where the cost of living is low. 


The Future of the Digital Age – The Role Online Markets Plays in the Future Economy

The digital age is slowly changing the world in ways that are impossible to foresee. With AI assistants and automation, digitalization is about to go further, with many exciting opportunities for businesses.


The future of the digital age lies in the role that online markets play in the future economy. Online markets propose a new way for businesses to remain competitive and thrive. Online markets give business owners a chance to grow their market share without having to spend on advertising and marketing strategies like they used to do before.


With online marketing and AI assistance, business owners can save time and money on marketing strategies that were previously needed to grow their market share.


Online markets are websites where business owners can place advertisements and communicate with potential customers. These sites provide many benefits for both businesses and consumers. For example, online markets are much cheaper than traditional advertising methods. 


Also, they provide consumers with a wide variety of products and services at their fingertips. The internet has made the world smaller by providing businesses with an opportunity to reach more customers in less time.



In the future, marketing will be all about human empathy and understanding.


Marketing is a field that is always changing. While it is important to keep up with the latest trends, it is also important to have a certain amount of knowledge in the fundamentals.


Marketing is a booming career. It is a marketing professional that has the potential to have you work with some of the best companies in the world.

As this article has highlighted, marketing is a lucrative career with many opportunities and career paths.