11 Glorious Ways You can Go Green in the Bathroom

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Shifting into a more sustainable household is a welcome change, albeit challenging. Hence, it is recommended that you zero-waste one room at a time. And you can start with your bathroom.

That said, we have listed 11 ways you can go green in the bathroom.

Install a low-flow showerhead

There are a bevy of ways to reduce the amount of water you use in the bathroom. One thing that you can look at would be your shower, specifically your shower head.

Although you can take shorter showers to cut down on the amount of water that you use, there are also other options that you can take. For example, installing low-flow showerheads is an excellent way to reduce the amount of water you use.

The typical showerhead uses at least five gallons of water a minute. Still, a low-flow showerhead uses around two and a half gallons of water or even less, which is a considerable cut but still manages to do the job.

Replace your toilet with a low-flow model

Aside from replacing your shower head with a low-flow showerhead, you can also do the same for your toilet. You’d be surprised just how much water your bathroom consumes by itself, especially in comparison to other plumbing or appliances.

Therefore, reducing the toilet’s water consumption is another more effective way of reducing water wastage.

Back in the day, though, low-flow models for toilets used not to be as good as the “normal” toilets in that they required two flushes anyway. Nowadays, many modern low-flow model toilets are better than before. They give you two buttons for flushing liquid waste and solid waste separately but still reducing the amount of water you consume.

Light up your bathroom with LED bulbs

Aside from being more resourceful with your water usage, you can also be more conscious of using your electricity in the bathroom. One way you can do that is to update the light fixtures in your bathroom.

It would be best if you replaced any old bulbs with LED bulbs that are more energy-efficient than your old bulbs. LED bulbs reduce the amount of energy you use while not compromising on the length of time you need lights.

Aside from that, they also are about as bright, if not brighter, than your old bulbs. They will also last a long time. Therefore, all around, there are way more benefits than drawbacks to using LED bulbs, so consider replacing them.

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Ditch single-use plastic

Single-use plastic is an item made out of plastic that you use for one time and then get rid of them.

For example, many things and toiletries use packaging made out of plastic that you end up throwing away, which is a colossal waste. Not only that, as we all know by now, plastic doesn’t degrade for a long, long time.

With that said, you might want to ditch the single-use plastic in your life as much as possible. When it comes to toiletries, there are plenty of alternatives. You can buy in bulk so that you reduce as much plastic out of the landfills as possible.

Aside from that, you can also try shampoo and conditioner bars that don’t require plastic packaging at all.

Purchase organic towels

Cotton that we know of that’s commercially produced comes with a load of pesticides and all sorts of chemicals. These affect both the environment around it and the people who apply these chemicals.

That’s why using conventional cotton for materials like the towel you use when you bathe is not the most sustainable. Instead, opt for towels made from organic cotton or even bamboo.

These are the most sustainable options, and they do the job just as well as your usual towel without damaging the environment.

Cut down on VOCs

VOCs are short for Volatile Organic Compounds. VOCs come from various items, and they cause harm to the environment by producing air pollution and even smog. Things like your shower curtain, as well as the paint you use, can release VOCs.

However, you can also cut down on VOCs by sourcing your items in the right place.

You want bamboo shower curtains as well as non-VOC paints when choosing one for your home.

Consider your flooring options

You should also look for the best eco-friendly material for your bathroom floor. One thing that you can confidently cross off of your list would be vinyl.

It’s the least eco-friendly option out there. Instead of vinyl, use tile or stone. These two are great for bathrooms because they’re water-resistant and sustainable.

Look for sustainable personal care products

Switching to sustainable personal care products is much easier now than ever before.

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Manufacturers are now aware that people are interested in greener options. This is why many of them provide sustainable personal care products. However, it’s still best to do your research.

Some people hopped on the “trend” of sustainability without doing their due diligence. Therefore, it’s best to look up customer reviews to find the companies and businesses that are genuinely sustainable.

Switch to green cleaning products

When sustainability wasn’t as common of interest, it was much harder to find green cleaning products back in the day. However, nowadays, it’s much more manageable.

Many of the bathroom cleaning products you use have harsh chemicals, and they often have a lot of warning labels telling you so. If these chemicals are harmful to you, what do you think happens when you flush them out into the environment?

That’s why at Maid Sailors Cleaning Services, we recommend opting for green cleaning products. By using greener cleaning products, you reduce the harsh chemicals that get to the environment right now. 

Check your bathroom for leaks

Another way you can reduce the water wastage in your home is by looking for and preventing leaks from occurring in your home. Look at the different plumbing and bathroom fixtures like your faucet and your showerhead to find if they’re dripping when they shouldn’t be. If you do find a leak, don’t wait until later to fix them.

Choose natural materials when remodeling

If you’re planning on a renovation or remodeling project for your bathroom, try and look for sources of natural materials. There are plenty of durable and sustainable materials that you can use for your bathroom.

Porcelain, metal, bamboo, and glass are a few examples of sustainable materials, but much more is available. Of course, if you plan on switching to sustainable options, except that it’s going to take significant changes.

However, these materials are pretty durable and reusable. They’ll be a worthwhile long-term investment.

Final Thoughts

 This trend is slowly changing, eco friendly is now in. Above are some of the ways you can do to have a sustainable bathroom.

The tips can range from simple changes to an elaborate bathroom renovation. That way, you can apply a tip or two no matter what level of commitment you’re on right now.

Try them out and live a greener, healthier lifestyle soon!