7 Lighting Tips that will Enhance your Living Quarters

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If you want your living quarters to be as comfortable and welcoming as possible, you should make sure that you use proper lighting. The right lighting has the potential to elevate your home decorations to new heights. However, it is not easy to utilize proper lighting in your home design. You will need to know the right lighting techniques first. Here are a few lighting tips that will help enhance your living quarters: 


  • Be Strategic

When you install lighting in your home, you should be as strategic as possible. Don’t just install lights at random. It would be such a waste of lighting, and your living quarters might be overly dark or bright. When you place lighting, check out your layout first. Identify the best areas to place lighting. 


It is advisable that you place chandeliers at the center of the room, that way it will provide the most light and be a focal point as well. When you use lamp lamps and standing, it is better that you place them at the sides to help illuminate the edges of the room. As for wall lamps, you should make sure that you place them at the optimum height. They should be placed at eye-line, and not too high. Overall, when it comes to using lights in your decoration, lighting strategy is key. 

  • Use Various Lighting Tools

Variety is key when it comes to lighting up your home. By using various lighting tools, you’ll be able to illuminate your home in a myriad of ways. Here are some common lighting options that you could use.

  • Wall Lamps

Wall lamps are lights that are strategically placed to provide optimum lighting in key areas. These types of lights are best used in hallways, corridors, and staircases because they won’t get in the way.

  • Chandeliers

Chandeliers are branched ornamental light fixtures that are mounted from the ceiling. Old chandeliers used prisms to illuminate a room with refracted light. Modern chandeliers on the hand use LED lights. Chandeliers are usually grand structures that are placed at the center of the room. They are not only sources of light, but decorations as well.

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  • Standing Lamps

Standing lamps are lamps designed to stand on the floor. Some standing lamps have a set height, while others can be adjusted according to the user’s preferences. 

  • Neon Lights:

Although neon lights have been around for many years, it is only recently that people use them for home decoration. New neon light technology allows you to cut and shape neon lights in a myriad of ways. There are numerous neon sign ideas that you can find online, and you can implement them yourself without the need for an electrician or glassworker. 


  • Take the Size of Your Home Into Consideration

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When you install lights in your home, you should always take its size into consideration. Before you buy any light fixture, you should make sure that it matches your home both aesthetically, and physically. 


Take the necessary measurements, and match your light fixtures to them accordingly. It would be such a waste if you buy a grand chandelier, only to have it grazing on the ground because the roof is too low. 

  • Choose the Right Curtains

Aside from choosing the right light fixture for your home, it is also important to choose the right curtains as well. Remember that the best type of lighting is natural light. It won’t do you any good though if your curtains are too thick, and the light won’t be able to get in. So choose your curtains wisely. They should be thick enough to provide privacy, but they should not be too thick that they make the area stifling. 


  • Upgrade Your Light Switches

Your light system can both illuminate your home, and make it aesthetically pleasing as well. However, a badly installed light switch system can ruin the overall effect as well. This is especially true if your light switches are old looking, or the wiring is very visible or frayed. So make it a priority to upgrade your light switches. The wiring should be hidden from plain sight, and the light switches should not be overly bulky or visible. 

  • Try Out Various Shades

One of the best things about lighting fixtures is that you can incorporate a myriad of shades to create a specific effect on your living quarters. You can do this by just simply changing the color of your lamp or chandelier’s shade. Aside from changing the lampshade, you could also change the bulb to a specific color that fits your preferences. You should avoid using bulbs that have a harsh glow, because it may hurt your eyes in the long run. 

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  • Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment With Lighting

When it comes to incorporating lighting effects in your home, you should never be afraid to experiment. If you want to make your lighting more unique,  you could use various neon light colors to create a whole new atmosphere in your living quarters. There is a myriad of companies that create neon lights of various colors. So you could create incredible neon light designs for your home.


You could also add lights into various fixtures of your home, such as the staircase or underneath your cabinets to help increase visibility.  Lighting is extremely important because it can help to elevate your home design. So you should never be afraid to experiment with lighting. 


When it comes to upgrading your living quarters, it is always important to pay attention to your lighting options. The right lighting could enhance your home’s overall look to new heights. As such, it is imperative that you know how to utilize proper lighting techniques in decorating your home. With these lighting tips, you’ll have the right tools to elevate your living quarters.