3 Hair Style Types to Look Astonishing in Your Christmas Party

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It is that time of the year again and everyone is going crazy. Like weddings, most women get caught up in everything else other than themselves during Christmas. They have no time to cater to their hair and end up going for simple hairstyles for convenience.

However, this should not be the case. There are many hairstyles that will transform your look during Christmas.

Here are 3 hairstyles that will make you look absolutely astonishing at your Christmas party.

The Evergreen Tree

Christmas-themed anything has been one of the most common features of the Christmas festive season for a long time. There are Christmas-themed movies, songs, cook shows, fashion, and now, hairstyles.

Christmas themes are loved because they are fun ad allow people to immerse themselves into the spirit of Christmas.

If you have long hair and are feeling a little adventurous, then the evergreen tree hairstyle will be an easy set-up for you. You need a combination of green dye, hair knitting needles, mini Christmas globes, and a star-shaped hair clip.

The mini globes will be attached at the end of the knitting needles. Use a fishtail braid for better results and crisscross the needles with the mini globes. The star clip will hold everything together to create that themed Christmas look that you are going for.

These decorations are easily available in most shops that sell Christmas-themed merchandise.

This style is great because it does not require that you do too much. You won’t have to carry too much on your head either and you will still grab everyone’s attention.

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The Golden Tree

Like the evergreen tree, the golden tree is another great Christmas-themed hairstyle but with a twist on it. It is more extravagant allowing you to create a stunning and unforgettable first impression with everyone you meet.

The golden tree hairstyle is suited for Christmas parties. It is made by creating a towering bun and using a mini garland as decoration, a Christmas tree topper-shaped hair clip, a hairpin, and hair spray. The hair spray and pin are used to hold everything together. You can either decide to use one or a combination of two depending on your hair.

This hairstyle is not suitable for small parties such as small family gatherings otherwise it will be too glamorous and distracting. However, if you are visiting a gala or red carpet event, then this hairstyle will keep head-turning throughout.

The Ponytail with Sparkling Bow

What if you don’t want all these complicated hairstyles and are just looking for a simple hairstyle that will take you through Christmas?

This is understandable.

It is possible to get the best of both worlds i.e. get a simple hairstyle and style that have a Christmas-inspired twist on it.

The ponytail with a sparkling bow sounds like a lot but it comes without the hairpins, hair sprays, and other additives. Instead, it is just a regular- looking ponytail with a fancy-looking bow. Using an air roller is great for this style if you have little time to make your hair.

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It utilizes a bright golden hair bow and reindeer themed hair clips that create the mood you are looking for without you having to spend hours on your hair before and after the party. Also, you don’t have to limit yourself to reindeer shaped clips. You can go for anything you like, from snowmen, candy, stars, etc.

There are more than a hundred hairstyles you could pick from. You no longer have to rock the same old boring hairstyles you had all year long. With proper planning, you can have some of the most beautiful hairstyles to help you celebrate Christmas in style.