A Guide to Hair Extensions Maintenance

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You know how fabulous wigs can be to achieve the desired hair length if you have short hair. However, there is always the maintenance part. 

The following article will discuss everything from cleaning and shampooing to wrapping up your new locks for storage. Keeping your hair extensions in excellent condition will be easier than ever with these simple steps.


Prepping Your Extensions for Shampooing

If your extensions are made of human hair, this step is crucial to prep them before shampooing. It may seem silly, but it makes a huge difference in how clean your extensions get if they are correctly conditioned first. 

It can be done by spraying a generous amount of conditioner to your extensions and allowing them to sit for 5-10 minutes. Afterward, rinse them out thoroughly with water and proceed to shampoo.

You may find this step unnecessary if your hair extension is made from synthetic fiber, but if not, please do yourself a favor and continue with the conditioning process.


Shampooing Your Hair Extensions

Now that your hair extensions have been conditioned, it’s time to take a step into the actual shampooing process. First, you should fill up a sink with warm water and add just a pea-size amount of shampoo.

Avoid using too much as this could potentially damage your locks. Next, take your hair extensions and submerge them into the sink. (Make sure to keep the conditioner in for that extra bit of care) Gently massage the shampoo into your hair and rinse it out thoroughly afterward.

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Drying Your Extensions

Properly drying your hair extensions is essential and complex without the correct items. You should start by gently towel blotting your hair to remove excess water.

Next, you would detangle each extension strand with a wide-tooth comb to avoid any tangles in the future. (This step is only necessary if you notice any knots or tangles in your hair).

After detangling your extensions, place them on a flat surface and continue to air dry them. (It is important to note that any hair dryer can damage your extensions and should be avoided at all costs)


Styling Your Extensions

Now that your hair is cleaned, it’s time to style them like you would your hair. You can turn to heat tools, extensions, or even rollers if you desire it to be a certain way.

Just remember that the goal is to keep your wavy hair extensions in pristine condition for as long as possible.


Storing Your Extensions

The best way to store them when they are not being used is by hanging them up on a hook or a loop. 

It will allow them to rest without any creases or damage being done. Just make sure that your hair extensions are completely dry before you attempt to hang them up for storage.


Final Thoughts

A report by the Professional Beauty Association said the past year had seen a 28.5 percent increase in the number of US salons that offer hair extensions. With the information mentioned above, you can maintain your hair extensions correctly. Keeping them clean, conditioned, and styled is essential when owning these locks. They add so much length to our natural locks, making it all worth it in the end.