5 Alternative Living Concepts

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Everyone desires a pleasant and charming home to go back to at the end of the day. You want to go home to a serene environment after the hustle and bustle of the day’s activities. Today, homes come in all shapes and sizes, with architectural designs vying away from traditional house plans. 


Alternatives to conventional homes are becoming increasingly popular among millennials who have different inclinations from the generations before them. Increasing obligations amid income suppression are leading people to seek homes that combine affordability and elegance. The minimalist approach takes precedence of extravagant living spaces without necessarily embracing consumerism. 


There are many options for alternative living concepts that don’t mean sacrificing comfort. You can have the best of both worlds where affordability meets coziness. Look into the many options available, including:


  1. Tiny Homes


Tiny homes are one of the most popular alternative living concepts, especially for Millennials. The houses are a conservative 400-square-feet or less but are a sight to behold. What they lack in space, they make up for in unique and creative fixtures for the popular amenities of a typical house. Tiny homes can be built on a foundation or as a detachable mobile home to move around. 


Like any regular home, tiny homes are prone to risks. Insurance for your tiny house comes in handy and will protect you from emergencies like a fire, burglary, or any natural disaster. You do not want to find yourself financially exposed if any of these ill fortunes befall you and your hard-earned investment goes up in flames.

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  1. Yurts


Yurts bear semblance to a camping structure with some people turning them into permanent residences. The accommodation is a modification of the round dwellings, originally the homes of ancient nomadic tribes. Since they borrow from a primitive design, you may have to sacrifice access to amenities like plumbing and heating. 


Yurts are great for people yearning for nature and who do not mind living among the elements. Some people improve the typical yurt concept to make it more luxurious with increased space, accommodating basic house amenities like wood burners. These versions are termed termed “palatial yurts.”   




Cob homes have relatively small spaces with little amenities. Their main appeal is affordability and aesthetics as they come at a low cost and with many design enhancements. The unconventional materials used in cob house construction allow for engraving on the walls internally and externally. 


This ancient house construction involves mixing lumps of earth with sand, straw, and water to give the house a sturdy structure. The technique is do-it-yourself style; you can construct your own home from scratch without any specialized skill. The final product is not telling of the jumble in construction, as it creates a beautiful, earthly aesthetic. 


Mobile Homes


Mobile homes are any moving vehicle like a van, RV, or bus. These homes combine functionality and adventure with the portability that comes with them. Holidaying becomes easy without having to move from the comfort of your home. This option is appealing to the free-spirited who are bored with static lifestyles.  

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You do not have to worry about the lack of plumbing in the vans and buses, as you will have easy access to rest stops and campgrounds when traveling around. It is also an opportunity for changing location on a whim without the intricacies involved with permanent structures like ferrying household furniture/goods. You can personalize the decor to make it truly feel like home.


Property Guardian


Being a property guardian means housesitting for people who own homes and do not frequently live in them. This guardianship is an opportunity to live in a lavish home with minimal spending. The cheaper housing is because the property guardians pay a meager amount of rent in exchange for caretaker duties for the property. 


The caretaker duties are light and don’t require too much of your time. However, some property guardian positions are temporary, so be sure the position’s term fits your circumstances. You can always do this on the side if you work remotely.


Live Alternative


These alternative living concepts show that affordability and a shift toward minimal priorities are becoming increasingly popular. For those interested in more access to nature, environmental concerns, and a transient lifestyle, considering an alternative living concept may be the right move for you. Consider the various alternative living concepts available today to fit the lifestyle you desire.