5 Different ways to utilize a shipping container

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Corrugated steel shipping containers have been the primary way to ship goods for more than 60 years now, with their durability and convenience making them the most popular options for logistics operations across the globe. 


However, as alternative ways of living have become more popular and even considered as a trend, many people have been considering out of the box ways to use shipping containers. In fact, it’s become so popular that many start-ups have popped up across the globe offering shipping container accommodations. 


Wondering how you could utilize a shipping container? Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular ways to utilize a shipping container. 

Storage Containers

For business

In the era of small businesses and online start-ups, many people are finding new and unique ways to become entrepreneurs and start up their own business. Yet, when the business scales, it can often be difficult to find the funds to move the business from a home office to a commercial office location.


Besides expensive co-working spaces that charge thousands for annual memberships, shipping containers have become a popular option for expanding a business. 


In addition, as working from home becomes the new norm, sometimes it can be difficult to find enough space, or peace and quiet for that matter, in the house for working. One cost effective alternative is to get a shipping container office built in the garden. These are far more cost effective than brick structures and don’t require lengthy planning permission either. 

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To build a shipping container office, you will need a shipping container roofing kit. This is an easy and cost-effective way to build a large space for your business. 


Tiny homes


Tiny homes have been a trend across the US since rent prices have been soaring and mortgages have become a prison sentence for many homeowners across the country. With their sturdy structure, many people have been gravitating towards alternative concepts like this economic option as a way of reusing old materials to create their perfect tiny home.


It’s worth noting that shipping container tiny homes are best suited to those that want a static home, and they are not ideal for moving around. Some of the benefits of using a shipping container to build a tiny home include:


Cost effectiveness – There are estimated to be 43 million shipping containers in the world today and almost 20 million of these are out of use. As they’re not in demand, they make the perfect material for upcycling into a tiny home. 


No building permit needed – While obtaining a building permit can be a long and tedious process, technically if you’re not using the tiny home as your permanent residence then you don’t need a permit. 


Flexibility – Much like a Lego brick that many people played with as a child, a shipping container can be molded to suit the builders needs for anything from exercising to working, living and anything else you can think of. 

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Extra storage


Got a house without a garage? If you’re struggling for space, then a shipping container with a roof could be the perfect option again for you. The kits are ideal for providing extra shelter for a vehicle or boat, for an open facing workshop area, a backyard grilling area and much more.


Overall, shipping containers can be used for so many different projects, whether it be building a tiny house, for creating extra storage, as an outdoor home office, or even for larger scale commercial and community projects. In addition, you’ll be earning brownie points for helping to save the planet by recycling materials too. So, what are you waiting for, it’s time to put your shipping container vision to the test.