5 Lawn Tools You Need For Your Home

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If there’s one thing many of us hate doing during the summertime or fall—or any time of year, really—it’s yard work! Yard work can be time-consuming, rough, and laborious—especially if you lack the proper tools for the job! Whether you’re mowing the lawn, raking leaves, trimming trees, or planting a garden, there are many tools uniquely suited to the job. Americans are obsessed with their lawns. Lawns can be a status symbol, enhance the overall look of a home, and become a bit of a hobby for some folks. For others, lawn care and maintenance can be a headache. Either way, there are some essential tools that help make lawn care a breeze. Here are five lawn tools you should have in your yard work toolbox at home. 


Pruning Shears

If you own a home with a yard, it’s quite possible you have bushes, hedges, or trees growing around the yard. Pruning shears are a handy tool for some quick work around the garden. Cutting out some small branches, removing vines or growth from the path, and other uses make them a worthwhile addition to your gardening toolbox. They’re very useful if you have a fence that’s located near the trees in your yard. You can simply cut branches here and there when they start threatening to approach the fence. Keeping the fence safe means that your home insurance will still cover it in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. A small, insignificant investment of pruning shears ends up paying for themselves with the ease of use, uncluttered yard, and additional protection they offer when used regularly.




Most people may not realize this, but some home insurance plans cover damage to the yard under certain circumstances. Natural disasters and accidents happen once in a while, so knowing you have something to fall back on to help handle damages is good for peace of mind. But none of that actually matters if you aren’t maintaining your yard and giving the insurance something with real value to assess in your plan. That’s why you need a chainsaw! Chainsaws are perfect for cutting branches and doing some wood cutting. Whether it’s lightweight, mid, or even high level cutting, a chainsaw can be quite the accessory for getting things done. Safety is super important when it comes to using chainsaws, however, so be sure to use proper personal protective equipment and only get the size chainsaw you would need for the job at hand. Make sure there are plenty of built-in safety features and follow all recommended operator instructions.

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Lawn Mower


The secret weapon in every lawn Care toolbox is probably the lawn mower. Lawn mowers are a powerful tool for keeping a yard well maintained. Heavy Duty EGO Lawn Mowers are predominantly electric powered instead of being gas powered. This means they’re not as loud, emit fewer fumes, and run a bit more efficiently. Some of them are even self-propelled! How’s that for making yard work easier? State of the art lawn mowers that are constructed and work in this manner are ideal for heavy lawn mowing all year round. They are constructed to be durable, efficient, and some of them also include mulching/storage bags to make cleanup even easier. If you’re more interested in going the classic route, a gas powered lawn mower can offer plenty of utility and durability as well. But the caveat there is they’re a bit noisy and require you to add gas at regular intervals.




If you’re doing any kind of gardening whatsoever, a spreader is an essential tool. Garden spreaders make it easy to spread fertilizer around your yard. They’re essentially a bucket on wheels that has a little dispersion unit in the center. Users can change the settings to disperse different amounts of fertilizer, dirt, or ice melting salt onto the ground. This helps with getting these jobs done faster, creating safer environments for plants and people, as well as simplifying other yard work initiatives.

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Jumping right back into the gardening side of things, a decent quality garden hose that’s free from ruptures or tears is necessary for keeping your plants from going thirsty. Choosing one can be tough. A good hose will be constructed from rubber and/or vinyl, and be able to withstand regular use in most weather situations. Vinyl is going to be the least expensive, while rubber offers a bit more quality and durability. Hoses also come in 25 ft increments, up to 100 ft long. They can be accessorized with sprinklers, attachments, and other accessories that make it easier to water parts of a lawn/garden in the appropriate ways. Hose fittings might be made of metal, which are more durable, or plastic which offer less cost overall. On the downside of that, plastic can wear out much quicker and break easier. Make sure the hose fittings are the proper size and that everything fits together to work properly for your yard care needs.