10 Tips For Lacrosse Beginners

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Lacrosse is a famous American sport that is widely becoming popular worldwide. According to reports, lacrosse has become a craze among athletes over a decade. The US lacrosse has around 825,000 players across the country who are enthusiastic about this game. Not just the professional, even the spectators and fans are quite sentimental towards this game as it holds a significant place among people’s hearts. Lacrosse was once a niche sport that has gradually escalated into becoming a globally acclaimed sport. 


How To Play Lacrosse 


If you have decided to start playing lacrosse, there are plenty of things that you need to learn as a beginner. From learning the rules to knowing how to put up your best game, there are several tricks that you need to get skilled in to become a pro player. If you are enthusiastic about playing lacrosse, here are the top 10 tips that will help you professionally play this fantastic sport.


1. Catch The Ball Like An Egg

Catching the ball is the first thing that you need to learn in order to play lacrosse. When you catch the ball with a lacrosse stick, make sure to hold the stick firmly. Lean back along with the ball that will help you hold ball equal to its momentum. Consider the ball as an egg and pretend you are trying to protect it from breaking. A lacrosse rebounder a great way to really practice this motion and quickly improve your catching skills.




2. Face The Passer

It will help if you have excellent communication with the passer. Irrespective of your location, your eyes should always be glued on the passer in order to search for the right moment for receiving a pass. By looking at the passer, you will be able to create a path to reach the ball. Make it a habit to face the direction from which ball comes from.


3. Practice Cradling

To master lacrosse and its rules, you must start to practice cradling with the ball. Cradling is basically the way of keeping the ball in the stick pocket. As a beginner, you need to master the art of cradling until you do not have to look at the ball to ascertain whether it fell into the pocket or not. Excellent cradling skills will allow you to set your eyes on the field always. 

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4. Don’t Face The Receiver

Unlike facing the passer, you must not face the receiver directly on the field. It is always better to turn sideways when passing as you need to take care of the defender and keep your eyes on him as well. Never face the receiver while passing as it can result in losing the move; keep your focus partially on defender and receiver. 


5. Catch and Throw

Just like cradling, you must be thorough with your throwing and catching skills as well. You must be able to throw and catch with both hands. Gradually increase your pace while throwing ad catching. It is essential to confuse the opponent, and that is only possible with your agility on the field. 


6. Try To Play Simple

As a beginner, you must not get into the complexities; try to keep it simple. Learn from the basics and gradually move towards complex gameplay. Play short and sharp passes to remain in a safe position. For instance, when you scope loose ball, try to pass it straight as a defender will be waiting to jump. 


7. Get The Ball

The ball will never come to you. It is essential to remain available to your players so that when they need to pass you the ball, you are ready to catch. Stand near your playmates and wait to catch the ball. Create a space in the field to get a pass whenever needed. Similarly, when you know that a ball is coming in your direction, you must run towards its rather than just standing. 

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8. Communicate With Your Team

You must always communicate with your team when you are on the field. Never leave any stone unturned when it comes to playing with your team. Make sure you talk to your teammates before entering the field and strategize everything. It would be best if you always remember that a silent player is never an asset to the team. 


9. Four Basic Shots

Another important thing that you need to learn is shooting. It is as important as passing the ball. The only significant difference between shooting and passing is that the target will remain stationary, and a goalie will be protecting it. You must practice the four necessary shots in lacrosse that are highly important. It is also essential to practice fake shots to confuse your opponents. 


10. Play Mini Lacrosse

To get a taste of the actual lacrosse, try playing mini lacrosse, popularly known as soft lacrosse. It is a modified and inexpensive version of the game that needs the same skills as the main lacrosse. By practicing mini lacrosse, you will get the hang of playing the game, and you can put your best show out there in the field. 


The Bottom Line

Sports have always been a reason for excitement and exhilaration for both players and the spectators. Lacrosse is a famous American sport that is all about cradling, scooping, throwing, and catching. It has become a widely popular game that requires a strong fundamental base of skills to become a pro player. If you have a keen interest in lacrosse, you would need to get a clear idea of the game and learn its nitty-gritty. The above mentioned were some of the crucial tips that you must keep in your mind while playing lacrosse.