5 Obvious Signs That You’re In A One-sided Relationship

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People usually get into romantic relationships because they want closeness, company, and support from each other. Life’s problems are often easier when someone else helps carry the load. However, relationships can’t grow if they aren’t balanced. If one partner always gives most of the money or emotional support, you are not on the same page.

Trying to be there for a partner who doesn’t seem to care as much about the relationship as you do is disappointing. One-sided relationships can be frustrating.

That’s why in this kind of situation, seeking a piece of advice can help you a lot. Evan Marc Katz, dating coach, can help you with everything and will help you regain a meaningful connection with your partner. He will offer essential counsel and encouragement as you traverse the challenging realm of love.

Does a One-sided Relationship Work?

A one-sided relationship isn’t satisfying or fulfilling for either person. It’s not what humans are meant to go through. We social beings want to feel connected, close, and important.

So, how can people be happy in a relationship if their needs aren’t being met? They can’t! A relationship with only one person investing is a recipe for misery.

Eventually, the other person will feel used, unimportant, and unappreciated. If you’re in a one-sided relationship, it’s time to leave. Find a man who will respect and love you for who you are. 

Common Signs That You’re in a One-sided Relationship

Every adult romantic relationships are different, and sometimes one or both partners may have personal problems that make it difficult for them to share equally in the relationship. This is fine. But the trouble is often on the way when one partner consistently gives more to the relationship than the other.

Here are some other signs that you need a balanced relationship

A Sense of Insecurity

If your partner doesn’t seem to care much about your feelings, you might start to wonder if they’re committed. That makes a lot of sense. You put the relationship first and work hard to talk, spend quality time together, and help each other when needed. You might wonder if he cares about you if he doesn’t show mutual effort.

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In some cases, he might show a lot of love but doesn’t discuss plans for the future, like living under one roof. This can make you feel like he always has one foot out the door.

Even though some people show their feelings more than others, it’s usually not a good sign when you can’t tell how he feels. This uncertainty can make you doubt your partner’s behavior, affecting your well-being.

You are always the one who makes the first move.

Do you always send the first text, call, or make the first plans? If you feel like you are always the one to start things and he never does the same, this could be a sign that your relationship is one-sided.

Instead of leaving everything up to you, your partner should also try to make plans with you. If he isn’t, you might want to talk about why that is and what you can do to improve it.

Your partner never takes into account how you feel.

In a healthy romantic relationship, couples must show mutual effort in making decisions. If your partner often makes decisions without thinking about your feeling or goes through with plans even though you’ve told him you don’t like them, this could be a strong and obvious sign that the relationship is one-sided. 

Instead of just doing what he wants without caring about how it makes you feel, your partner should ensure you are happy and at ease with the decision.

You end up being the one who gives up everything.

It’s a must for both partners to be willing to make sacrifices for the relationship. But if you always make sacrifices and your partner never does, this could signify your relationship is one-sided.

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Your partner should be willing to do the same for you, whether giving up time, own feelings, energy, or money. 

When you need them, your partner is never there.

We all have hard times, and we need our partners to be there for us. If your partner is not always there for you, this could mean he considers himself more important in the relationship. 

A great partner will be there for you when things are hard. And keep his promises instead of saying he will do something and then not doing it.

You feel like you can’t talk about anything important with your partner.

For any relationship to work, it’s important to talk to each other. If things are going on in your life that you can’t talk to your partner about because he doesn’t care or get defensive when you bring them up, this could mean that he isn’t interested in what’s happening in your life. He may think everything revolves around him instead of having a two-way conversation where both parties share equally.

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult to see the signs if you’re in a one-sided relationship. At some point, you may think his behavior is perfectly normal. But if you reach your breaking point, don’t wait any longer – seek advice from someone who understands relationships and can help you get out of this mess.

Evan Marc Katz is a dating coach with years of experience helping people find love. He is aware of the factors that contribute to the success of a relationship and, more crucially, how to restore one that has faltered. Call him for a free consultation today.