5 Trendy Flooring Ideas That Will Give Your House an Aesthetically Pleasing Look

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Oh, hold behold, it’s the remodeling time. Choosing new color schemes, interior décor, new lightings, perhaps add in a bit of clever DIYs too. 

Selecting and renovating your home entails a lot of decision-making. That is because you have an infinite number of options for everything, from paint, to wallpaper, to lighting to flooring. We tend to go crazy when faced with these options. 

How many times has this conversation played in your mind: “Oh, this flooring looks chic for my home, though I can’t seem to let go of that floor option either. Oh, God! What do I do?”

We’ve got your back covered. Fret not and trust us. We offer you five timeless flooring options that are sure to boost your home’s aesthetics to the next level!


Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl floor covering is a durable floor covering. It’s manufactured from the combination of natural and synthetic polymer materials mounted in recurring structural units. It is water and stain-resistant plastic flooring material. 

You’d be surprised to know how sharply the demand for the vinyl floor is increasing. The global vinyl floor covering market is expected to grow with at 3% from 2018-2024. The total value of the global vinyl flooring market was around $20,194.76 million in 2016. Not just this, the sector is forecasted to reach $48,471.15 million by 2023. 

Vinyl flooring adds glow to the room. If you want to add some next-level aesthetics, then vinyl flooring might be your ‘it’ decision. The texture of this flooring is very good. It is like an ironic blend of softness with a hint of the roughness of a stone. 

The flooring is also a bit thicker as compared to ordinary vinyl. This is what helps give your home an elegant look while being light on your pockets too. 

Vinyl flooring fact you need to know!

A high-quality vinyl floor can even last for more than 20 years. Such durability at an affordable price, what’s not to love about vinyl flooring? 

Vinyl is one of the ‘hottest trending items’ in the market right now. Why? Because it will not go out of fashion either. Hence, versatility? Check. Easy maintenance? Double-check. Super posh quality? Triple check.

A pro-tip:

You can also use this super easy to maintain and chic flooring ideas in basements or colder places. It will help the areas offer some warmth due to being able to tolerate moisture, compared to the coolness of the pristine tiles. 


Bamboo Flooring


Bamboo flooring is an alternative to wood flooring. Bamboo flooring is not just pleasing to the eye; it also offers trouble-free maintenance while being impact-resistant due to its cellular structure. Bamboo flooring is offered in both sturdy strips and engineered planks, much like hardwood.

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Though we advise that if you select bamboo flooring, use it for all areas except the kitchens and mudrooms. Bamboo flooring is a bit vulnerable and sensitive to scratches and dents. Wouldn’t want to wash away our investments, right?

The cost of bamboo flooring is around $4 to $8 per square foot. The installation cost may vary based on your area, what company you hire, etc.  

Selecting the flooring company has a massive impact on your installation costs. That being said, when selecting what specialist to hire, our best advice is someone you trust and who comes with good experience too. 

How to land only the best flooring contractor, you ask? The Internet is your friend. Well, let’s say you live in South Carolina. A simple Google search trusted flooring company in South Carolina will give you all the best available options. You can choose the best one on that list.

The firm shall help you select from various styles of flooring. It will also give you the most optimal solutions about the material, colors, quality, etc. best suiting your interior. 


Cork Flooring


Cork flooring is another option for durable flooring. Cork flooring is an eco-friendly and an excellent alternative to hardwood flooring.  It comes in two separate types. You can purchase tiles to build or boards that normally have a click-lock edge that can be mounted as floating floors. 

Some of you might feel that cork flooring is outdated, but trust us, cork is not just an ideal vintage. It also has its place in the hearts of its users.  


Like other robust floorings, cork’s underfoot is dry, quiet, and comfortable. Its non-slippery surface is what makes cork such a favorite for so many users too. It also gives your space a natural appearance. This environmentally sustainable option also offers great homeliness. 

Overall, cork flooring is a trendy and must-consider option when selecting flooring for your home. Not only is it long-lasting, but it is simple to install too! The installation can cost you around $3 to $5 per square foot, and the price of flooring can be around $1-6 per square foot. 

Maintain cork flooring is super easy. A bit of mopping, some vacuuming once in a while, a little sweeping, voila! Your cork flooring is as good as new. It also is non-toxic and 100% family and pet-friendly. 


Carpet Flooring


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Wall-to-wall carpet is one of the oldest flooring ideas. But, it still suits so many interiors to the tee. It shows just how timeless this vintage flooring idea is. Carpeting continues to possess the power of alleviating your space and boosting the charm of your space to the next level. 

The cushioned look never fails to make any area an epitome of cozy and snug. Though, when choosing carpets, you must make the best choice for your home. Choosing the perfect color and design to go well with the color scheme and interior décor is the most crucial part. 


It’s a fact that carpets are long-lasting. People avoid carpeting because it can be a bit costly and difficult to maintain. But, carpets stay with you for a long time. So, it’s a profitable investment. 

Carpets are ideal for areas like bedrooms and dining rooms – spaces with less dirt and stain. Polypropylene carpets are an amazing option to go for outer spaces except for hallways and basements. 

They cost $3-$15 per square foot, depending on their quality and material. The installation costs are very economical. A cherry on top: you can just carpet the floor yourself too like so many prefer to!


Laminate Flooring


According to Cut My Plastic, Laminate flooring is built with a thin veneer over layers of plywood or compact fiber, quite like manufactured wood. The top sheet, however, is not wood but a layer under a transparent plastic coating.  This helps make laminate appear like oak, brick, glass, or any other fancy thing. 

Okay, so why should you choose laminate flooring? Well, it comes cheap and easy to install, along with that unique and pristine look. Add in the fact that laminate flooring is hassle-free to maintain. Like you need not even clean it daily.

The flooring costs you around $1 to $5 per square foot, and having an expert to install it would cost $2-$5. You can even install it yourself, but a little help from experts will give a more polished and finished look. When you’re spending already, a little more won’t hurt, no? Especially if the results are a lot more perfect. 

We advise that you not install it in bathrooms and areas more exposed to moisture or water. The reason: it has a little slippery surface, and a lot of moisture is kind of unfavorable. 

Final Word

Our final advice to you is: Floor your house to give the right appeal. Whatever you choose, make sure that it amps up the beauty of your house. So, happy decorating your homes!