Jobs for teenagers

14 Easy Jobs For Teens That Pay Well

Teenagers have plenty on their plates, from maintaining an active social life to keeping up good grades. Even with a busy life, some teenagers look for a job to have more money for fun purchases and build experience that can lead to …
34 Jobs That Require No Experience

34 Jobs That Require No Experience

We live in a time where people struggle to make ends meet. This is especially true for those just starting out and those re-entering the workforce. The biggest challenge for many is their lack of experience in the working world. For those …
How Do Income Tax Brackets Work

How Do Income Tax Brackets Work?

The tax code, despite calls for countless reforms to make it fairer or simpler, remains intensely complicated due to tax incentives, politically inspired loopholes, complicated filing situations in today’s evolving family dynamics and many other pressures from corporate interests, consumers, political parties …
Second Job Ideas

33 Side Job Ideas for Extra Income

It’s good to already have a full-time job, especially in an uncertain economy, but sometimes you need more money. A part-time job can provide extra income for a better car or that swimming pool for the kids. You might even be struggling …
Financing a Car

How To Finance A Car: The Ultimate Guide

By any measure, transportation costs take up a significant portion of the household budget. For most households, car ownership is a necessity rather than a luxury especially in areas where public transportation is unreliable and even non-existent. In 2014, transportation expenses accounted …

22 Baby Shower Food Ideas On A Budget

Celebrating the upcoming birth of a baby is very exciting, but it is also expensive. Besides paying for diapers and other supplies, it is essential to throw a shower. Although it is fun to gather friends and family for a party, it …

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