Hair Removal Creams Does Nair Depilatories Work

Sometimes you just wanted to be easy no more shaving no goofy machines, no waxing just a little cream and rubbing to remove that pesky hair. This is where depilatories come in, that’s what the liquid hair products are.   How do hair depilatories work? Depilatory cream Dissolves the hair just beneath the surface of…

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Body Pillow

Sleeping is essential and we spend a third of our lives sleeping, but sometimes having a good night’s sleep may be difficult. Having better sleep not only plays an important role in your overall well-being but also helps protect your mental health. While sleeping, the body is constantly healing and repairing the damage done internally…

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Are Ferrets Good Pets

  Are Ferrets Good Pets? Ferrets are some of the most adorable animals you can think of. They’re soft, they’re cute, and they are unbelievably playful. But, are ferrets good pets? Read on to find out just what exactly you’re in for if you want to get one of these little animals for your home.…

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Easy Peasy Fixing Bike Brakes

fix bike brakes

Let’s Talk about brake adjustments there are a  number of different reasons why your brakes need to help are caused by either mechanical failures or they just need to be adjusted from use. The good news is that anyone can do it. It really is simple.  Thank you bike shop for trying to scam me.…

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Stop Barking Dogs, Don’t Go Insane Like I Did

I have a secret that I discovered on accident, it’s how to stop dogs from barking. It all started when I was home due to sickness and health problems for a long period of time. Before this I was at work every day and had no idea that the dogs behind me we’re barking all…

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My solution to Smelly Shaker Cups

Remove Odors From Plastic Shaker Cups Before I get started with how to clean your disgusting cups you should know that not all cups are the same. METAL SHAKER CUPS LIKE THE ONES LISTED BELOW WILL NOT ABSORB THE ODORS YOUR PLASTIC CUPS DO. SCROLL DOWN TO FIND WHAT YOU SHOULD BE USING ALREADY. Vinegar…

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Dishwasher Microwavable Blender bottles Unexpected

blender cup

I actually had fun writing this post about blender bottles who knew that this could be such a fun topic to write about.  I guess you’ll have to actually read it and see what I’m talking about. if you’re just looking for a recommendation on a good Shaker or blender bottle then scroll done half…

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Should You Count Calories| Why & How

notebook for tracking calories

A huge issue that many people face when trying to lose weight is the effort it takes to track your calories. Some folks believe it is simply too much or too difficult to begin tracking your daily caloric intake so they just guess. If you’re one of these people and you’re losing weight and staying…

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How to Clean Water A Dispenser

water cooler

Office style water coolers are notorious for growing mold if your water cooler is not contained in every cleaned every two months you’re probably going to end up with mold sooner than later. question is what products do you want to use on something that you’re drinking water out of.   What cleaning product to…

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Dolly & Hand Trucks for Moving Furniture

handtruck and dolly

The best dolly for moving furniture must make transporting easy, fast, and safe for the users. Unlike appliances and home fixtures, furniture pieces are generally hollow and relatively lightweight. They’re designed to be moved around every now and then. They are typically big-framed and have legs on their base. Because of its skeletal frame, setting…

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