5 ways you can pay for rehab

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One of the things preventing addicts from getting the treatment they need is the cost. By the time a person is asking for help, they usually do not have anywhere to get the money. Most people do not now they have options when it comes to paying for rehab. Even without insurance, you can still pay for your treatment. Keep reading this article to get more information on the payment options available if you are seeking rehab treatment.



Most public healthcare plans do not cover rehabilitation treatment. However, there are private insurers who cater for some or the entire addiction treatment. You can contact your insurance provider to find out if they cover addiction treatment. You can also find out the portion they cover if they do not cover everything. 

Before, you would be penalized for being an addict when you applied for health insurance. However, now, you will not be penalized for struggling with addiction. Addiction disorders are treated with the same importance as other medical conditions. When you apply for a healthcare policy, you can get up to 60% of the treatment fees covered under the Affordable Healthcare Act.

However, for government health policies, there are specific requirements you need to meet before you are considered eligible for the treatment.


Loans and credit finance

You can also consider getting a loan to cater for the treatment. There are several institutions that offer loans for addiction treatment. The loans usually have low interest rates and can cover the whole treatment. The amount you will be given depends on your credit. Before you get a loan, shop around and check the rates and requirements offered by various lenders. 

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You also have the option of talking to your financial institution and see if they offer loans for substance abuse treatment. You can consider asking friends and family for a personal loan and discuss the repayment terms. The best time to get a loan is before you start treatment. This will help you have an easy time and focus on your recovery.

If your insurance does not cover everything, you can put the exceeding amount on your credit card. There are some credit card companies that have medical financing for their users. However, make sure your interest rates are low as credit cards are known to have high interest rates.



People are getting more aware of the importance of substance abuse treatment. This has led to the creation of scholarship programs that can be offered to people who need to get addiction treatment but do not have the finances. You can look at the “10,000 beds scholarship program” and the “sobriety optimization league” and see if you meet the requirements. Once you get a scholarship, you can go through addiction treatment knowing you do not have to pay it back.



You can also opt for fundraising or crowd funding. With social media, you can get people to contribute to your treatment. You can share your story online and get people to donate funds that will cater for your treatment. You can also get family and friends to contribute for your treatment. You never know; they might support you fully.

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Payment plans


You need to do your research online on sites like huffpost and look at different rehab institutions before settling on one. Ask about any payment plans they have to see if you can afford it. Also, ask the amount insurance covers and if you can pay in installments. If they have payment plans, you can plan your finances and either start paying before you go for treatment. You can also arrange for payments to be made while you are undergoing treatment.



You can use your personal savings to cater for your treatment. If the amount is not enough, you can consider selling the things you do not need to come up with the rest of the cash. 

Addiction treatment is necessary as it paves the road to recovery. Once you decide to seek treatment, you can easily get the funding needed for you to go through the program. All you need to do is look for the financing option that suits you. After that, you can take the time you need to get on the road to recovery.