6 Affordable Wall Decoration Ideas that You Can Try at Home

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chair and mirrors

At last! After years of hard work, you finally got yourself a house. While owning a house is pure bliss, you can’t help but notice that some things in the new abode need a little brush up after the removalists cleared all the things inside it. Since you’re gonna be staring at the same walls and windows for a VERY LONG time, doing a little decor redo won’t be too bad. 


You might be worried about the costs since you just bought a house but fret not, there’s no need to buy brand new pieces of furniture, tear down the walls, or basically burn a hole in your wallet. You can spruce up things in your home by simply doing small DIY decor projects. But what if you’re not an artist or a very creative person? No worries! Most of these ideas will just need a quick trip to the flea market or some antique stores.


It’s time to put those multiple baskets to good use and embrace the art of organization and neatness. This would usually call for more stuff that is utilized on organizing your items such as boxes and containers. But you do not have to conform to the usual way of arranging stuff, you can follow a direct pattern that you prefer. Some are comfortable with following a pattern like colors or size, ascending or descending order. Organized items are guaranteed to look pleasing to the eyes and will also urge you to love home organization.


Wall bookshelf


The space of your work area at home can look livelier when bookshelves are transformed into a decor that can hold your things while you are. Your workspace doesn’t have to look all that formal and colorless. You can integrate some creativity into your room by making your bookshelves unique. There are different kinds of shelves, but depending on the size of the wall space. This will help determine the exact type of shelf that’s suitable for your space. 


Kitchenware Display


Showcase your variety of kitchenware collections and have them displayed using a wooden or plastic board. You can have the board painted with your desired color and pattern. It is suggested that you select a material where your items will be attached. There are lots of materials available and pick the one that best fits your concept. The size of the board will highly depend on the number of objects you want to display. So, if you plan to display every fork you have collected, make sure the board fits all of it.

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To set up your display, it is up to you on how you arrange the items on the board. It may be according to the size, shape, or color. Remember to use a pencil when placing markings on the board so you would know where each item is attached. 


Dainty mirrors


Why settle for a plain mirror when you can beautify it? You can attach a ready-made sunburst frame or surround it with plants, flowers, and vines. You can also consider adding tile mats, ropes, vintage lace, shells, tape, and even paint to match the concept of your home. There are lots of ideas out there that you can try while installing a mirror as a home decoration. But, don’t forget to decide about the size of the mirror. There are full-body mirrors that serve their primary purpose to check your entire outfit. 


Large fabric paintings or posters


There are lots of fabric paintings available in stores that you can just buy and hang immediately on the walls or you can just purchase the canvas fabric and showcase your incredible talent for painting. Choose an image that best represents you or anyone or even an idea! Work the image and once you’re done, dry the paint on the fabric. Afterward, you can have it hung on your wall to remind yourself that you’ve created a masterpiece for yourself and the house. Fabric paintings and posters are a great way to enhance the chic look of your home.



Unique wall decorations


Wall decoration is not all about just picture frames and paintings. You can challenge the traditional wall decoration by incorporating unique embellishments and items. For instance, having a custom-made metal wall sculpture will surely change the entire image of a space. In addition to that, you can attach anything on the wall to change dull walls into exciting ones. Just be sure the concept you’re going for will complement the elements within your home.

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What’s even more exciting is that you can have three-dimensional objects as well, such as cuckoo clocks or antique items. 3D items are total game-changers because it attracts anyone when people take a closer look at them. 


Decorated Napkins


What’s classier than decorated napkins on a table? Say goodbye to those old and plain napkins and go for those with unique designs. This is the right time to have those napkins changed by stamping with a single image. You can opt to only have one side stamped or both sides. There are also napkins with patterns which also can be utilized for other purposes such as packaging and texture for the other decorations. 




Having trouble with choosing the right concept for your wall? Check sites online to view inspirations that you can look at any time and decide on the layout of your decorations on the wall. Identify which items should appear and the materials that you intend to use as decorations. Make sure these items do not deteriorate quickly once they are widely exposed in your house. You can place the specialized coating on the surfaces of those items with qualities that easily diminish. This is to avoid the quick worsening of the objects’ quality and ensure the longevity of the appearance. Furthermore, make sure that you use strong adhesives and chemicals that can hold the decorations for a long period.

If you have no time to take care of the items you’ve bought for your wall decorations, consider asking help from local or interstate removalists. Hire professional movers and packers near your location wherever you are to help you carry your things and deliver them directly to your home. With just affordable removalist quotes, the burden of lifting all these objects by yourself can be bearable.