Improve your Interior Décor with a Full Body Mirror

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Mirrors are a great way to accessorize a room. Besides dressing and applying makeup, they reflect light, enhancing colors, brighten moods, and make spaces look better.

Why hang a full-body mirror on the door?


If you want a mirror in your bedroom, but don’t have any space on your walls or for a free-standing, consider the benefits of a full-body mirror hanging on your door. 

Not every type of mirror is suitable to hang on a  door. One of the most important things to consider is the weight of the mirror. 

A mirror made from lightweight materials is far more suitable than a heavy or ornate one. 

One of the bonuses of a lightweight mirror is it will cost you far less than a thick heavy mirror. 

Ways to hang a full-body mirror

Before deciding on what type of mirror to buy, you need to first consider what type of door you have, and how you will hang it. 

If your door is solid wood or MDF, then you have no problem drilling the required holes. Hollow doors are trickier because the hollowed-out section won’t hold the studs unless you drill the holes on the more solid sections of the door.

In the case of a hollow door, consider hanging a mirror over your door. 

Adhesive tape will never hold a mirror because it’s not strong enough. However, you can use some in addition to securing the mirror with hooks, nails, or screws to reduce gaps. It also helps prevent the mirror from swinging.

hanging mirror

Hanging a mirror over your door

This is one of the easiest ways to hang a mirror on a door because you don’t need to make any holes in the door. These mirrors are suitable for all types of doors. You can turn a full body mirror into a mirror you can hang over your door by adding wreath hangers, available in hardware stores. The best is the right-angled variety because they fit snugly against the top of the door, so you can close it properly. Depending on the size of your mirror, you can use either two or three hooks which easy to attach to the wooden frame of a mirror using either nails or screws. 

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Mirrors can also be bought ready to hang with the hooks attached, saving you from doing all the work. Make sure the mirror has a hook that will fit your door size and looks good with your door style. 

Using plastic clips

Plastic mirror clips with screws inside are the ideal way to hang a lightweight mirror. You need about six for a full-body mirror depending on weight. Ask for help at a hardware store. They will give you the right size to support the size and weight of your chosen mirror. 

Start by seeing where you want to place the mirror on the door, mark the position of the mirror on the door, preferably on the section of your door where the wood is thickest. Next, attach the small plastic clips. Don’t screw the screws in tightly at first. You will need two mirror clips below, two halfway up the sides, and two at the top. Once you have placed the mirror, you can tighten the screws. 

Hang a mirror with string

Mirrors that are meant to be hung are usually finished off with D-rings on their sides and often come pre-strung. However, if it’s unstrung, you can use the D-rings to loops some yarn or wire and mount the mirror onto a mirror hook on your door. Ask your hardware store for the right mirror hook for your door, otherwise use a wreath hanger. 

The procedure of hanging a full-body mirror

Follow these steps before hanging any type of full body mirror to your door. 

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1.Find the position of the mirror

Determine the position of the mirror by holding it against the door at the approximate height you feel is right. If possible, get a friend to help, otherwise, make sure that you can see yourself properly. 

Remember, you will only be able to see your shoes when you step back from the mirror. 

2.Mark the position of the mirror

Hold the mirror in place and mark the top position where you want the mirror with a pencil. You don’t need to make any other markings. 

3.Find the center of the door

With a measuring tape, measure the width of the door, divide it in two and place a mark on the center of the door. Do the same with the height. The true center is where the two lines meet. On a door with decorative panels, you measure only the thick center panel, where the door is strongest to hold the mirror hooks.  

4.Find the mirror’s center

Now find the center of the mirror by measuring its width and dividing it by two. Make a pencil mark the center point at the top part of the mirror. You can also use some tape to mark it. 

5.Mark the center of the bottom edge

Now, have someone hold the mirror. They must align the center mark of the mirror with the center mark on the door. You can place a mark on the door where the bottom center of the mirror is. You now have the bottom mark as a guide to hang the required mirror clips. 

Fab Glass and Mirror have a wide range of full-length mirrors to choose from in various mirror types and thicknesses. You can also have a custom mirror cut to the measurements you require.