6 Living Room Decoration Tips

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living room

Out of all your home’s rooms, the living room deserves the most attention when it comes to decor. It is the space where you spend most of your time with family and guests, so it should be attractive, comfortable, and functional. Read on for six living room decoration tips.

Establish a focal point

The living room focal point anchors the space, drawing you into the room. It is the first thing people notice when they walk into your living room. You could consider adding a fireplace, a natural focal point that symbolizes home and hearth. Other focal point ideas include attractive art pieces, a television, a piano, or an oversized mirror. Once you select an ideal focal point, determine the vibe it gives off, then decorate the living room around it to create a cohesive feel.

Give the walls some character

The living room is a public space, so its walls should receive more elaborate treatment compared to other rooms. Ensure that the living room’s walls express your personality and reflect your style. You can achieve this by investing in decorative wall paneling to add depth and texture. Installing customizable wainscoting from Doors Plus to the bottom of your living room’s walls enhances the space’s decor and adds a chic decoration feature.

Invest in inviting lighting

Adding lighting in your living rooms helps create a comfortable and relaxed mood. Consider installing layers of light and placing the light sources strategically in your space to ensure maximum illumination distribution. For instance, you could invest in table lamps that direct illumination down, encouraging guests to sit and relax. Ensure your living room’s lighting sources complement the overall decor. 

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Balance beauty and function

While creating a dazzling living room is essential, it should also complement your lifestyle and taste. A crucial aspect of a well-designed living room is that it is a space you will want to live and hang out in. To make your living room more functional, you should:

  • Reduce clutter
  • Add more storage
  • Purchase a practical amount of furniture with appropriate sizes to create an efficient layout
  • Invest in multifunctional furniture 
  • Keep the room’s traffic paths clear
  • Maximize the vertical space
  • Use the room for its intended purposeSelect a color palette

Whether you want to mix a few contemporary colors or create a monochromatic living room style, the color scheme is crucial to developing your space aesthetic. Your living room’s colors also significantly impact how people feel in the space. Depending on the intensity of your living room’s color scheme, it can relax or energize the space. Choose an ideal living room color scheme that reflects your style and personality. 

Be sure to pick a color palette beforehand to ensure every piece of accessory and furniture you add to your living space cultivates a seamless appeal, making the room look purposeful and clean.

Incorporate indoor plants and trees

Incorporate large indoor trees and plants into your living room to spruce up the empty spaces. Plants establish a visual intrigue in your living room and freshen up the earth tones.


The living room is one of the most critical spaces in your home. Implement the above decoration strategies to enhance your living space’s functionality, beauty, and comfort.