7 Crazy Kitchen Hacks You Have To Try

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The kitchen is the place that brings delicious recipes and tasty dishes. Working in the kitchen sounds fun if it’s only about cooking delicious food. Things like chopping, mincing, and many other food-related kitchen tasks are always boring and tiring for the one who is spending time in the kitchen. There are many issues and problems that you might face in the kitchen on a daily basis. Those problems not only affect your mood and energy but also waste a lot of your time. Following daily kitchen problems and issues, we’ve got some amazing kitchen hacks that all of you would love to try. 

tear less onion chopping

The kitchen hacks we are going to discuss are totally safe to work within the kitchen. There are no risks involved in try any of those kitchen techniques. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go down to have a look at the list of mind blowing kitchen techniques and discuss them one by one. 

Top 7 Kitchen Hacks for Everyone

Finally, it’s time to have a look at all brilliant kitchen ideas and to apply them in our daily kitchen routine. Remember that every kitchen hack can be tried by anyone either a professional chef or a domestic kitchen user.


  • Store Avocado for Long
  • Crack a Coconut
  • Keep Bananas Fresh
  • Tear less Onion Chopping
  • Reduce Excess Salt
  • Keep Spinach Leaves Fresh & Crispy
  • Keep Cereal Fresh and Crunchy

1- Store Avocado for Long Periods

The issue people face is that they can’t store Avocado for long in the fridge because it turns brown. This thing annoys a lot especially when you want to store your Avocado for later use but it turns out to be brown and unpalatable. This Avocado state happens due to the natural oxidation process so how to slow down this oxidation? Two ways work the best.

Use and onion or leave the pit in. All you have to do is to put an onion with Avocado in the same container. Doing so will slow down the oxidation process and Avocado will take longer to get brown than usual. 

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Leave the pit in-if you dont want your avocado to taste like onion and still last longer then just leave the pit in the half you dont use.



2- Crack a Coconut

Cracking a coconut’s shell might be hard for many especially women working in the kitchen. We’ve got a smart method of cracking a coconut’s shell to save one’s time and energy in the kitchen. At first, you have to drill the coconut’s shell and drain coconut water through that hole. Now put that coconut in your oven at the temperature of 400º F for about 10 to 15 minutes. Doing so will probably help in breaking the shell and open it to let you have a fleshy coconut.

3- Keep Bananas Fresh

Want to store bananas for a few days without letting them get brown? That’s the thing everyone wants. Obviously you can’t eat lots of bananas at one time but you also can’t store them for few days because they turn out to be brown. In order to keep them fresh and in natural color, you’ll have to wrap the bananas with cling film. Doing so will slow down the oxidation process and bananas will stay fresh for more 3-4 days than usual.

4- Tearless Onion Chopping

One of the bad things about onions is that copping them will bring tears in your eyes, so how to chop an onion without having tears? In order to solve this problem, you’ll have to put some lime juice on your cutting board and then start chopping onion on the same board. Interaction between Onion and lime juice will help in reducing those onion fumes that bring tears in your eyes. Also, you must have a sharp and professional kitchen knife to perform all chopping tasks with ease and flow. 


5- Reduce Excess Salt

Excessive use of salt in the dish is a common issue in every kitchen and sometimes you would have to throw out that dish having a lot of salt. So how to reduce the excessive amount of salt and balance the taste of a dish? All you need to do is to add a piece of potato or eggplant right inside your dish and it will end up absorbing all of the excessive salt to bring your dish’s taste back to normal.

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6- Keep Spinach Leaves Fresh & Crispy

Who doesn’t want to have fresh and crispy greeny spinach leave to have that delicious taste? In order to keep spinach leaves crispy, you’ll have to put them with paper towels in the same container. Paper towels will absorb all of the moisture, spinach leaves will stay crispy and last longer twice of the usual period.

7- Keep Cereal Fresh and Crunchy

Last but not least, everyone especially kids want to have tasty and crunchy cereal in their breakfast. No one likes to have soggy and non-crunchy cereal, so how to get that crispiness of your cereals? No need to worry because you can actually have crispy cereals back by putting a bowl of cereals in the oven for about 5 to 10 minutes at 375º. Take the bowl of cereals out form the oven and you’ll get back that crispiness of your cereals. 

Besides these kitchen hacks, you should also remodel your kitchen’s style and setting just to keep things optimized in your kitchen. Have a look at some best kitchen remodel ideas and work on one as per your preferences.


On a concluding note, we can conclude that everyone can have issues in the kitchen but you have to solve them using reliable kitchen tricks. We came to know that how you can keep your food items like bananas, Avocado, and leaves fresh for a few more days using kitchen hacks. We also got to know that you can normalize the taste of your dish even after putting an excessive amount of salt. In the end, it’s all about techniques and hacks that one has to use in the kitchen to save time and energy.