7 Product Display Ideas that Attracts Customers

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It is said you never get a second chance to make a first impression. When it comes to products, first impressions are everything. Americans spend about $17.78 billion per year on items bought on impulse. This number includes things that they thought looked good just from the display.


Product display is crucial in any business, and it can be the difference between making profits or losses. This is because good-looking displays will constantly attract customers to come look at products and possibly buy. Ordinary product displays will work, but you have to look for eye-catching designs that will spark curiosity. When designing displays always think about the customer experience. 


This goes with brochures or catalogs as well. Brochures help you package your business and present your clients with an overview of your offerings. A nicely-packaged brochure can help attract customers and gain their trust. You can build your brand through these printed advertisements.


However, if you want to go big and wow your customers, here are some of the best product displays you can incorporate. These are effective ways to attract new customers.

visual merchandising?Infographic created by Clover, a POS systems company

Strategic Product Placement-Based Displays

Product placement plays a huge role when creating displays. How you place your products dictates where your customers will spend their time in your store. 


You can easily create product displays that are convenient to your customers. The process will not cost you much but you have to be strategic. You can place commonly bought items strategically, to welcome people into your store. Then proceed to show them more items.


While doing product placement, you can use the following several styles:

  1. Block placement – Related items are placed near each other. For example, diapers can be placed close to baby wipes.
  2. Vertical placement – Items are placed in vertical displays for customers to scan through with popular products closer to the customer.
  3. Commercial placement – higher-value products are given better shelf portions as compared to lower-value products.

You can try a combination of the three different placements and see what works for you. You may also use boxes in place of shelves. They will save you money and create an out-of-the-box experience. Also, ask your customers for feedback so you can improve on the combinations.

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Techy Displays

In this day and age, you have to use technology to your advantage to survive. You may not be running a technology industry business but that does not mean you should not use modern technology to your advantage. You can use screens to create in-house advertisements. Several screens can also be stacked together to create a big screen and you can then synchronize the devices to work as one display. You can also use lighting to create attention to products. Good lighting can effortlessly sell your products.

Upcycled Displays

We all have a part to play in the campaign for environmental conservation. You can help reduce pollution and save the environment by using upcycled product displays. You can do this yourself or you can buy them. They will often cost both you, and the environment less.

The upcycled displays will function as a display, and as a center of attraction. People will want to see the work and stumble onto your products. If the product display is attractive enough, it might also be the main reason people come into your store. Did I mention that upcycling will also paint a good impression amongst customers that are environment conservation activists?

Themed Display Designs

If you have a large enough stall, you should use it to your advantage. This is an expensive method but it will pay off in sales and referrals. You can invest in creating a themed store and arrange your items to match the adventure you want your customers to have. 

For example, if you run a furniture shop you can have your product displayed functionally. The process may include creating possible setups that may occur in a home. The design can include setting up a dining table with cutlery or creating a bedroom in the store.

The style design will help put products into perspective for the customer. It can even help them envision owning the items in their home.

Use of Flowers and Art

The majority of the population likes flowers. Most might not know it, but flowers have a positive effect on your mood. This explains why people are constantly exchanging flowers. Some flowers also have the added benefit of radiating fragrant scents.

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You can incorporate flowers and plants into your product displays to attract more customers. Some customers may even come back because your store smells good. Apart from plants, you can use artwork available to you. You can strategically place paintings to guide customers to products that they would otherwise never look at.

Signage Displays

Nothing gets masses moving like a ‘Sale’ sign. People associate big signs with positive rewards. Big signs posts are a regular sight at the end of the year when things are on discount. Stores often put big signs for clearance sales at this time too.

With this knowledge, you can use signs to get regular traffic into your store even when you do not have discounted prices. You can advertise new items on attractive signboards and get customers to see and try them. However, do not overuse this method because people will get used to the large signs. Also, make sure to change products regularly for customers.

Interactive Displays

To help customers pick from your different products, you should make use of samples. Alongside items, include a sample item so your customer can have a feel of the item they are purchasing. This will improve customer experience and customer satisfaction. 

You can also market your products with positive customer interaction online. This may include creating trends around a product and having them post it on their social media. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.


When it comes to displays it all boils down to what works for you. If you have the financial means, invest in displays and turn your store into a visual marvel. It will pay off. However, you can also bring customers in with light and peasant designs.

You should also note that product displays are just half the work. You should have great products that consumers want. The products themselves are enough to attract customers regardless of the display. So, ensure your products match the work you put into their display.