A complete reference to restaurant booths upholstery standard

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restaurant booth

Research has shown that not having a booth seat in a restaurant reduces revenue because booths are usually the preferred choice of guests. Choosing the correct type of cafe or restaurant can be a difficult decision.

With so many sizes and upholstery options available, this can be a little tricky. So here’s a guide to help you find suitable vinyl fabric restaurant booths for your business.

Restaurant booths are an excellent experience for guests.

You can choose from various occupancy options: single, double, wall bench, 1/2 circle, and 3/4 circle. Each of these offers a unique experience. For example, single booths, small benches, and 1/2 circles are ideal options for couples who want to communicate intimately. On the other hand, double booths, high benches, and 3/4 circles are suitable for large groups who wish to sit together. 

Proper layout of restaurant booths yields more business.

The way your booths are arranged has a significant impact on your guests’ dining experience. When designing your floor, consider the size of your table to get the correct measurements. For standard arrangements, you should align all table edges vertically with the outside edge of the booth seat. Knowing these metrics helps increase the number of guests, which increases revenue. 

More seating area of restaurant booths increases revenue.

Booths are preferable for any bar or restaurant for many reasons. First, they give guests privacy and comfort on a date night. It also creates less traffic with fewer servers and guests who flock to all tables. Finally, with various styles, colors, and designs, they also add a touch of charm to your restaurant’s facade. 

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Restaurant booths can be a considerable investment, but they are the most cost-effective and space-efficient option in the long run. For example, a four-person table can utilize 5,000 square inches of the area, whereas a four-person booth occupies 3,000 square inches only.

In this case, you will see a 30% increase in profits and attract more customers on your busiest night. Plus, it saves you floor space to add more booths. Of course, you have to invest more in advance, but the added income will make the investment profitable.

Vinyl upholstered restaurant booths 

Our wide range of vinyl upholstered restaurant booths come in various colors, patterns, and textures, which we can easily install to complete many projects. 

Vinyl upholstery is resistant to mold and mildew, perfect for restaurants. Many fabric stain barriers are also created, meaning no damage can be caused by water or debris accumulation. Just clean it regularly by using mild soap and water, and the upholstery will look new, just like the day you installed it.

Where to buy Vinyl upholstered restaurant booths?

If you search for a new vinyl upholstered restaurant booth, experts at restaurant furniture plus can help you. Vinyl upholstered restaurant booths are available in enormous styles with premium quality that you can use to update, restore and improve your restaurant. So, without any further delay, call us today and enhance the revenue of your business!