7 Ways Law Firms Benefit from Google Maps

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What would we do without Google? Not just the search engine, but all of its applications. Let’s pay particular focus on Google Maps. A vast majority of people use it, and lawyers have not been left behind. You may wonder how law firms would benefit from Google Maps. Continue reading to find out.

Ranking Your Law Firm In Google Maps

Ask around, and you will find most businesses that optimize their sites using Google Maps almost always increase in traffic and SEO rankings. For law firms, spikes in interaction with clients, both prospective and existing, is a guarantee.

Although it may take time and require lots of patience, optimizing your site using local SEO optimization costs nothing. Additionally, you will achieve quick results. To rank a law firm website on google maps, check out the following strategies.

1. Update Your GMB Listing Name

Strive to use the name your clients know you by. You should also list the name of your suburb. In the case of a nickname or custom name, be sure it is easily recognizable by your target audience. Pro tip: be sure not to cram too many details in the name.

2. Include Specific Categories in GMB

If your law firm specializes in different categories of counsel, for example, medical malpractice, personal injury, criminal defence, et al., be sure to include it all in your GMB listing. This will define your specialty clearly to your target audience and assist google SEO in assigning your law firm the right keywords.

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3. Set Your Location

Instead of merely listing your location, go a step further and make it appeal to a larger service area. What do we mean by this? If your main focus is to be seen easily on a broad spectrum rather than just your locality, pick a service area. Pro tip: choosing a service area is eventually a win-win for your law firm, as your address will still appear in the search result.

4. Request Client Reviews

What better way for you to lure potential clients than to have your current clients’ satisfaction on display? Reviews do a great job in spreading the word of your business out there, kind of like a friend who plugs your business to their friend circle. 

Google SEO takes pride in showing people quality services and products; therefore, the more reviews you get, the better. Hopefully, the reviews will be positive ones.

5. Have as Much Information as Possible on GMB

Google is like the crush you are trying to please. The more good qualities you put out there, the better your chances of getting on their radar. Do the same when listing your business on GMB. Besides your details, like your law firm’s name, location, service hours, and description be sure to include photos and videos that could show more about your firm or practice.

6. Have an Inviting Website

After including as much information as possible on your listing, take the time to back it up with an aesthetically pleasing website. Everyone loves iterating with beautiful things, and you should allow your target audience that luxury when they visit your website. Google also tends to favor websites that appeal to their algorithm.

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7. Including Citation Signals

When Google finds your business listing in citations, it makes your law firm appear more credible. And what better way to attract new clients? Various channels can enable you to get these citations, for example, web directories and GPS.

Optimize Your Content and Get New Leads

The above-listed strategies are just but the tip of the iceberg in optimization. There are plenty more. However, using a combination of these can boost your law firm listing significantly. Go right ahead and try them to give your business a higher ranking on google search results.