What Makes a Label Attractive, and Why? 

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You may not know but 90% of the human brain is visual. That means that visual elements (such as labels) are extremely important when marketing a product. With the help of an effective and attractive label, you can grab customers’ attention and quickly demonstrate what exactly you are selling. There are various ways and techniques that you can use to make your label compelling, and some of them will be discussed in this article. Read on for several useful tips for designing attractive labels in order to answer the questions “What exactly does make labels attractive”?


Consider Colors

The smart choice and usage of colors is very important when designing a label. The colors you use on your label will affect the way consumers see your product. If you use too many colors or choose the wrong one, you may detract from your label’s message. You should understand that different colors evoke different emotions and take this knowledge into consideration. For example, red is associated with excitement because of its eye-catching properties. Yellow is considered the “happiest” color, and it usually evokes positive feelings and emotions. Orange is another attention-grabbing color that also conveys confidence. Blue is often used to emphasize trustworthiness of a brand or product, while green is a peaceful color that is usually associated with health and food. 

Use Proper Images

The use of images on your label is also important. The mission of images is to establish relationships between customers and the product. Customers get familiar with images quickly, which helps them differentiate between the particular product and other similar products that can be found in the market. Moreover, another purpose of images is to convey important characteristics and features about the product. For example, if your product is jam, and you put strawberry on your label, consumers will automatically understand that your jam is made of strawberries. 

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Choose The Right Fonts

Fonts play an important role in how a product will be seen by consumers. Experts recommend studying the target market first before choosing a particular font. In order to choose the right font, there are certain factors you should take into consideration. Among these factors are the location of your target market and the age. Also, it is better to choose a simple and more recognizable font that is easy to read. Also, you should never use more than two fonts on the same label, otherwise you will confuse your consumers and make it hard for them to concentrate on the message you are trying to deliver with the help of your label. Do not forget about the size of your font: it should fit the size of the label. 

Make Your Label Informative

You should not forget that one of the main roles of any label is to inform. Therefore, in order to be effective, a label should inform consumers and provide them with the necessary information about your product. The information that your label delivers can be different and depends on the service or product you are selling. For example, it can be information on how to use the service or product, warnings, nutritional information, accreditations, etc. 

Conduct Market Research

Before you finish the design of your label, it is recommended to get feedback from your target audience. Ask them what they feel when they look at your label. When you are conducting market research, there are certain questions you can ask your audience. Here are a few of them: 

  • Is the design of the label attractive? 
  • Does the label design look forced or natural?
  • Do you think that the design of the label conveys the product’s message?

Choose The Proper Material And Finish

It is important to know what type of material a printing service will use for your label. When choosing the material, it is important to consider the product itself, as well as the container, and the graphic design of the label. For example, if you know that your product may get wet often, then it is definitely better to use a vinyl sticker material instead of regular paper. 

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The label finish should also be taken into consideration. You can get a glossy or matter effect on your label to make them more attractive and appealing. You can even laminate your label, which will add longevity to your label’s life and prevents smearing. 

Add Contact Information

Another important aspect of an effective label’s design is adding the contact information of your company. If you want to encourage communication with your customers and enhance your product, listing your contact information is a great idea. Every product label should include such information as the phone number, website address, physical address, and social media information (Instagram, Facebook, twitter). 

Include Decorative elements

Even though the main purpose of a label is to be informative, it does not mean that the label cannot be attractive. You can and definitely should add at least one decorative element to your label to help it look more attractive. For example, you can add an illustrative element explaining what your product or service does. 

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