8 Tips For Enhancing Your Bathroom Experience

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After a long and tiring day, all you probably want to do is wash the day’s dust and grime off your body. However, coming home to a shoddy bathroom can be a turn-off and make even simple things like taking a quick leak troublesome, let alone taking a shower.


You can significantly improve the quality of the time you spend in your bathroom – the bathroom experience – by taking measures to make the space more usable both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Here’s what you need to know:


Remodel the space

A remodel is the best way to start over and create your dream bathroom. You get to pick everything from the flooring material to the type of faucets you want. It is truly the best way to level up your bathroom experience.


Your first step should be to envision the environment you want to create in your bathroom. Creating a Pinterest board of ideas makes it easy to visualize what you want the outcome to look like. Next, you need to contact a bathroom remodeling company and get an estimate of all the services you need for your project. If you decide to go down this route, be mindful of your budget and ensure you and your contractor have a clear line of communication so you both have an idea of the expected outcome.


Deep clean

If remodeling is not an option for you and you still want to enhance your bathroom experience, start by deep cleaning your bathroom. Remove all items from your bathroom and discard any you don’t use. Grab all your cleaning supplies and get to work. Scrub your floors, clean the grout between your tiles, and wipe all your surfaces to remove stains and dust. Prioritize the sink, bathtubs or shower area, toilet seat, and countertops.


Cleaning everything till it’s nice and shiny will help to get your creative juices flowing so you can re-decorate your bathroom.


Create a bathroom mood

While the average bathroom size in the US is pretty small, i.e., 40×40 sq. ft., that doesn’t mean you should restrict your sense of design. Imagine what you want your bathroom to feel and look like when you walk in. A vision is important, whether for luxury or simplicity.

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Creating a mood board will allow you to buy décor items and furnishings that fit the type of design and energy you want your bathroom to give off. Buying flowerpots, for example, can make your bathroom look and feel like a mini garden. The right mood changes your groggy mornings into calm and peaceful ones, allowing you to start your day with the right energy.


Invest in new décor and accessories

New décor items can freshen up your old bathroom and excite you to use it every time. After you’ve selected your mood, shop for the perfect items for your new bathroom and invest in things like bathroom artwork, potted plants, new tap fittings, etc.


Buy scented candles to make your bathroom smell nice. You may also want to place tea lights around your bathtub to create a more calming bath experience for yourself. If lighting candles before a bath seems like too much work, you can look for dimmable LED lights to create a more inviting and calming effect for your downtime.


Buy new towels and remember to take proper care of them. Get multiple bath salts, essential oils, bubble baths, and bath bombs to make baths an even more calming experience.


Add some music

All your favorite tech companies have multiple waterproof speakers, some with suction cups at the back to allow music to be played in your shower. The right type of music can elevate your mood and make your whole bathroom experience much more enjoyable and relaxing.


Invest in the right speakers that may suit your needs. Plus, you can narrow your choices to ceiling speakers or Bluetooth speakers. Once you know what speakers you need, create a bathroom playlist of all your favorite songs fit for the bathroom. Music releases dopamine, a proven way to level up your bathroom experience.


Use soft textures

Incorporate soft textures into your bathroom; buy soft towels with a rich cotton blend or super soft and absorbent microfiber towels. You can add a soft synthetic rug instead of a bathmat to enhance the luxurious feel of the bottom of your feet. Buying a microfiber bathrobe and bath slippers will help you feel like you’re at a spa.



Separating bathroom wear from your other clothes will allow you to feel like you’ve stepped into a different place and be ready to disconnect from the outside world in no time.


Keep skincare products

A bathroom is the perfect place to relax and do your skincare. Invest in skincare products and massaging devices like jade rollers for the full spa treatment. When you know it’s time to pluck your eyebrows or shave, you run to your bathroom, so the best choice is to put your skincare items in your bathroom. 


Add some bathtub enhancements

The most relaxing part of your bathroom is your bathtub. It can be made even more relaxing with the right types of additions. For example, a bathtub headrest relieves the stress in your neck by providing the right amount of support as you relax in the water. The headrest should extend to your shoulders.


If you can, install a bathtub with whirlpool jets to enjoy a calming hydro massage. Whirlpool jets can elevate your bathroom experience to a spa experience with targeted massage. You can also buy a bathtub tray to enjoy a drink or snack on some fresh fruits, rest the book you’re currently reading, or use your electronic devices to watch the show you planned to catch up on.



Enhancing your bathroom experience can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to start. Still, it elevates your me-time greatly. You start your day in your bathroom and end it there, so it makes sense to make it more appealing and relaxing for you to truly unwind at the end of the day and rejuvenate your mornings. Following these tips, you can transform your bathroom from a standard bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams. A space where you can experience tranquility and truly enjoy yourself.