5 Areas to Focus On For Your Bathroom Remodel

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A well-designed and maintained bathroom contributes to a better lifestyle and healthy living. What’s best is that it’s equally beneficial for your home and helps to improve its visual appeal and functionality, adding to the overall value of your home. 


However, unfortunately, as much as it’s important, bathroom remodeling is no easy feat. The diverse design elements and ideas can be overwhelming, making it hard to choose the right remodeling projects. In such a situation, it’s essential to understand the different areas of your bathroom to prioritize important parts and narrow down your options. 


To help you with this purpose, here are five areas to focus on for your bathroom remodel.


Lighting can significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom by highlighting architectural features. But more importantly, lighting is an essential component of the functionality of a bathroom. A well-lit bathroom allows you to perform routine tasks like shaving, skincare, makeup, etc., and safely navigate the area. So, when it comes to bathroom remodeling, focus on lighting. 


Using a combination of overhead, task, and accent lighting is the best way to illuminate your bathroom effectively. Overhead lights help to provide general illumination, while accent lighting enhances visual appeal. On the other hand, task lights are positioned strategically near areas such as the mirror or shower to enhance functionality.


Also, don’t neglect the importance of natural light in your bathroom. It illuminates the area and creates a warm, cozy, and inviting atmosphere. If your bathroom doesn’t have windows or they are insufficient, consider adding them. Choose the most suitable location for the windows to maximize natural light. Opt for larger or multiple windows if feasible, as they allow more light to enter the space. 


You can contact Windows Direct USA to help you with the entire process. Apart from windows installation, these experts also provide other bathroom remodeling services. 


A bathroom remodel without upgrading the fixtures would be incomplete. Enhancing fixtures such as bathtubs, sinks, and toilets can entirely transform your bathroom and breathe new life into it. Not to mention, having modern fixtures helps to improve comfort and give you a better bathroom experience. 

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Considering the latest design trends, you can add wall-mounted bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. Doing so helps to reduce congestion by making less use of floor space. This helps to create a spacious look which can be particularly beneficial for those with small bathrooms. Additionally, wall-mounted fixtures allow for easier cleaning and maintenance, as there are fewer hard-to-reach areas. 


However, when it comes to maintenance, it’s equally important to choose materials that can withstand the humid conditions of bathrooms. Typically, brass, chrome, and ceramic fixtures serve well in terms of longevity and appeal. You can also select fixtures with water-efficient features to conserve water and save money on utility bills. 


The flooring is the foundation of a bathroom, playing an important role in the overall aesthetic and appeal of the space. As a result, it’s essential to focus on the flooring when conducting a bathroom remodel. However, you must consider a few important factors when selecting the flooring for your bathroom. Firstly, to determine the best floor choice, it’s best to keep durability in mind. Without doing so, you may end up wasting your money on a floor that may look good but will soon wear out, reducing aesthetic appeal and functionality. 


Ceramic or porcelain tiles are usually best suited for the wet environments of bathrooms. What’s best is that such floors are also easy to maintain and clean, allowing you to keep your bathroom stainless at all times. However, alongside durability, safety is an equally important factor to consider. As much as 80% bathroom related injuries occur due to falls, so it’s crucial to ensure safety with slip-resistant floors. You can also opt for heated floors that can quickly remove excess water and increase friction to reduce falls. 


Bathrooms lacking storage solutions tend to be disorganized with cluttered countertops and lack accessibility, reducing convenience and harming your bathroom experience. In contrast, enhancing your bathroom’s storage can help maintain a clutter-free and spacious environment with easy access to bathroom essentials. One of the best ways to remodel your bathroom with sufficient storage is by utilizing vertical space. Instead of congesting your bathroom with more counters, adding wall-mounted cabinets and shelves is better.

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Vertical storage makes your bathroom appear spacious and adds to its ease of use by making bathroom essentials more accessible. For instance, you can add a medicine cabinet beside the mirror to quickly get your medicines rather than looking through the drawers beneath the countertop. In addition to cabinets, you can also add open shelves for towel placement or displaying decorative items.  


Maintaining a healthy and comfortable bathroom environment can be challenging without proper ventilation. In order to eliminate unpleasant air, control moisture levels, and improve air quality, it’s crucial to focus on ventilation during your bathroom remodel. Otherwise, you may run into severe health issues, such as allergic reactions related to mold in humid environments. 


There are various ways to maintain proper ventilation. Strategically placed windows naturally maintain airflow and enhance the lighting as well. But it’s important to ensure proper insulation for windows to control temperatures. 


However, windows cannot be left open throughout the day. So, it’s equally important to add an exhaust fan that you can turn on to eliminate unpleasant air instantly at any time. To effectively control ventilation with the means of an exhaust fan, it’s essential to select the right size according to the size of your bathroom. 



Considering the importance of bathrooms in a home, a bathroom remodel can help you build your dream home. It helps increase comfort, convenience, and the overall bathroom experience and enhances home appeal and value. However, conducting an effective bathroom remodel can be a daunting task for many individuals. So, remember the areas mentioned above to set your priorities and plan the best remodel for your bathroom.