9 Reasons Why A Virtual Baby Shower Could Be Better For First-Time Moms

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We Are Having A Baby

A baby shower is a time-honored tradition here in the US and worldwide. It is an opportunity for mom-to-be to connect with their loved ones before the baby arrives and is a great chance to get advice and tips from other moms on this new chapter in your life.

Virtual parties have seen a rapid rise in popularity in recent years, and many moms-to-be are seeing the benefits of hosting their celebrations digitally. Not only does it leave you with less cleaning up to do, but it also allows you to invite more guests from across the globe while saving you money.

Invite Guests From Around The World

If you have loved ones spread around the country or overseas, then a virtual baby shower could be the ideal option. Hosting your party virtually allows you to connect with those that matter most to you, no matter where they’re located. The only thing to keep in mind is that if you have guests from around the world, you may need to plan well in advance to choose a time that suits all time zones.

Getting Comfy In Your Own Home

Pregnancy is full of joyous times, but it also comes with some serious downsides – most notably, the difficulty getting comfortable, particularly in your third trimester. While an in-person party can feel like a great idea at the time, you may end up regretting the choice when faced with uncomfortable seats and lots of standing around.

A virtual shower allows you to get nice and comfortable at home while the party happens. If you need to stretch or move around, this is much easier in a familiar environment. You can even turn your camera off while you do if you get a little self-conscious.

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Avoid Worrying About The Weather

Traveling anywhere can get a little tricky when you’re pregnant, and if you live in an area with extreme weather, then it can be even more challenging. Having a virtual baby shower is a great way to ensure you don’t have to worry about the weather and how it will impact your plans.

Get Presents Delivered To Your Door

You don’t need to be in person with your guests to enjoy the gifts that come with a baby shower. In fact, it may be easier for them and you to have gifts shipped directly to your door. They can even choose the gift-wrapping option to make their arrival even more exciting.

Be More Sustainable

Sustainability is a trend that many people have become invested in, particularly as we see the impact of climate change on the world around us. A virtual baby shower will reduce the emissions that would otherwise be caused by guests traveling to your party. Making the event entirely virtual can also be a great option, right down to virtual baby shower invitations. Greenvelope has some great tips and advice on how to write the perfect virtual baby shower invitation.

Don’t Worry About Space Limitations

With any party, you’re limited in terms of guests based on the amount of space you have to work with. If hiring out a space, it may end up costing you more to invite all the important people in your life. If hosting at home, a large party can quickly get overwhelming.

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Online, however, can be the perfect way to invite as many people as you feel like. The only limit will be your digital conferencing platform, and most offer premium accounts for a small or one-off fee – much cheaper than renting out a space!

Avoid The Post-Party Clean-Up

When hosting a party at home, it can be challenging to deal with the cleanup, particularly while pregnant. While your partner or guests may help with the work, it can still be stressful to get everything back in order afterwards. Virtual baby showers don’t have this issue, meaning you’ll only have to clean up after yourself.

Eat The Foods That Are Right For You

Food is another tricky element to any party, and as the host, you have to accommodate many different tastes and dietary needs. A virtual party has no such responsibility, meaning you and your guests can enjoy any of the foods that work best for you. This can be a godsend during pregnancy, as cravings can get pretty wild.

Save Money

As mentioned earlier, paying for the use of a digital conferencing platform can be significantly cheaper compared to hosting an in-person party. Even parties at home can rack up the costs, so virtual is by far the more affordable option. Having a baby is a costly undertaking, so your guests will all understand that you want to take it easy on the wallet. It is also a good idea to research the conferencing platforms available so that you get the best value for money.