Top ideas to Get You and Your kids Active and Outside

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Who doesn’t like spending quality time outside? If the weather is nice, and there is a light breeze blowing outside your window, it simply means Carpe Diem – Seize the Day!

kids playing guitar

Across the globe kids are facing the same issuess. In the U.S. kids are staying inside more than ever. In the U.K children are spending half as much time outside as their parents did. According to these statistic, close to 71% of Australian kids spend less than an hour a day, outdoors. So, if you wish your kid to be more active, you are at the right place reading the right article. In this think-piece, we will guide you with a few must-haves while you prepare your child to step outside.

Do not forget to carry a ball or that Frisbee!

Kids love running around in playgrounds or parks and then come back to the picnic, all exhausted and hungry. So, what should you do to not spoil it for them, at all? Make sure you carry their favorite ball to play catch with, or that Frisbee, which they can throw around and have a small party of their own!

However, if you end up carrying their electronic device, you will regret it. So, make sure you smartly forget to pack it in the bag. Outdoor day means outdoor activities, only.

How about teaching them a new sport?

Frisbee, catch, kickball, tennis, tag; pick a sport. Buy some inexpensive gear, get moving your self and help your kids stay healthy together.

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For badminton, all you need are the badminton racquets and the feather shuttlecocks. You can easily teach them the sport and they can play it with you or their friends. Kickball, all you need is a ball and a field. These are the two of easiest sports, which can be played on a field. A football, a soccer ball, kids just need to be outside playing and so do you.

What is their favorite outdoor activity?

Every kid has a favorite outdoor activity. While some like skipping, others love things like swinging, playing twisters, tag, jump rope.

So, if your kid has a favorite activity, make sure you do have all the things handy for conducting the activity. Keep the skipping ropes, or the twister mats ready in your bag, and ensure that your kid is excited about it.

There are a lot of other things available, like a toy car, or a toy boat, if you are going to the pond. Some kids love cycling as well, or even skateboarding and roller-skating. Many parents have also bought swing sets online, that are portable and can be easily carried around.

Don’t forget the First-Aid Kit!

This goes without saying that where there are kids, there is always a need for First Aid kits. You never know what can happen, and if there are any emergencies, you need to be prepared.

While playing and in the run of emerging the winner, they often end up hurting themselves! In that case, you should always keep the First-Aid kit handy.

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Make sure you stock it up properly with antiseptic creams and lotion. You should also keep certain basic medicines that can treat a scratch or a bruise immediately.

If your kid has a condition like asthma or any allergies, keep the inhalers and other medicines with you, at all times. You can also keep a couple of ice packs in the car.

Have you packed their favorite snacks?

Unless you want to make a trip to the departmental store and ruin everyone’s time, or you have plans to go to the fast-food joint, you need to carry your kids’ favorite snacks.

It can be their favorite chocolates, chips, or some easy-to-cook snacks. However, if you want to keep things healthy, you probably should pack their favorite sandwiches, hot dogs, etc. While you are packing the food, keep some fruits, and pack a lot of lemonade, or their favorite juice. This will keep their bodies hydrated and their energy levels high.

kids pillow fight

Maybe the weather is terrible outside

Please just get them off the electronics, find games that will help them develop. Get blocks and magnetic toys for younger kids, make your kids read. As soon as it gets nice again the kick them outside.