9 Unique Sport Award Ideas to Boost Team Morale

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Placing in sports

Whether you are organizing a sports league for the youth in the community or a sports event at work, a sports award is a must. It is something that participants will look forward to after all the hard work they put in training ahead of the occasion. Giving awards, in any shape or form, can be a great way to keep the morale high and help team members celebrate their strengths.


Of course, there is always competition in any sports event, but recognizing individual and team efforts will encourage participants to work harder and develop their skills. The rewards will be your way to acknowledge their efforts and help them reach their goals.


The award can be given in plaques, trophies, medals, and even prize money. There are countless possibilities to make the award ceremony exciting.


Here are some sport awards ideas to get you started:


Team of the Year


Giving the entire winning team a trophy or reward will be a fitting tribute to their hard work. This will help them celebrate everyone’s contributions to the success of the team, whether big or small. It will level the playing field for the whole team, especially if they have players with a wide range of skill levels. This will also keep the other team members from feeling left out.


In this kind of award, you may want to consider giving the prize in a customized trophy, as you award many people. The winning team can add this to their trophy collection.


Most Valuable Player


What award ceremony is complete without this award? It is often the highlight of the event, as the player with the most contributions gets to be rewarded for their efforts. This award will highlight their importance to the team. Most of the time, a customized trophy is given to the most valuable player. Maybe engraving their name in it can make the award extra special.


Coach of the Year


In many sports leagues, each team has a coach that guides everyone to victory. The coach is often the glue too hold the team together, giving the members direction and steering them to a successful run. They deserve as much appreciation as the other participants in the sports event.


They watch their team put on a ton of hard work, formulate winning strategies, and guide the team to play their best. Giving them a physical token to remember by is a great gesture.


Most Improved Player


In every sport, there are bound to be winners and losers. Some may not shine as brightly as the star player, who eventually becomes the most valuable in the team. There are players who identify their weakness and focus on improving it. They put in hard work and contribute more than many thought possible.


For the most improved player, a custom plaque can be a lovely way to commemorate their hard work and determination to improve in their chosen sport.


Rookie of the Year


A newcomer that puts in a great impression is always worthy of recognition. Even if they are not as experienced as their counterparts, they still put in as much effort and grit to achieve a successful run. A stylish crystal trophy can be a fitting appreciation for their hard work.


Love of the Game


This is for the team members, who always give their all to the game. They are the first to arrive and the last to leave during practice. This award will reward their efforts, as they leave it all out on the field every game. It will be a lovely tribute to those who show unmoving respect to the sport.


Helping Hand


Want another idea to properly reward team members? Giving an award to someone who is always willing to give a helping hand to players who fall down. They can be five feet away or across the field, but they will be the first to run to someone in need and help them back on their feet.


Keeping It Positive


Players who always smile on their face no matter how hard the climb is deserve just as much recognition as everyone else. They like to keep a positive outlook that can inspire other team members. Even when they are losing, these players encourage their teammates to give their all and lose with dignity.


Clutch Gene


Need a last-minute boost? This guy is for you! You can always count on them to score the winning attempt, seconds away from the final whistle. Team members will always feel assured whenever they are around because, cliché as it may sound, they can pull off a miracle.


Wrapping It Up


Athletes love it when their hard work, patience, and determination are rewarded with a fitting recognition and award. They will remember the unforgettable moments in the field when they give it all and come out victorious. Even in defeat, they will still be comforted by the fact that they gave everything for the love of the sport and resolved to do better in the next opportunity that comes their way.