How Should I Store My Expensive Handbags?

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High-end luxury handbags are bought at a steep price tag and are meant to last for a lifetime. But sometimes, your designer handbag can give up sooner than expected, and you will give it away when you haven’t even used it religiously.

Someone who wishes to invest in the best Chanel bag or a tote from Michael Kors will have to save a lot of money before making that investment. So it’s imperative they would want to keep their expensive purchase safe for years to come.

And that is why we are here; to help you make the most out of a costly investment.


Importance of Storing Designer Bags the Right Way

While most of us love investing in high-end accessories, only a few know exactly how to store them, so they last longer. If you don’t care for your handbag, it will probably lose its shape and won’t remain in the same brand-new condition after some time.

Investing in designer bags isn’t something you can go ahead and do every month.

For example, it could take months of saving for some people to buy the best Chanel bag and the purchase could be very close to your heart. Chanel comes up with the most popular and elegant handbags that often symbolize style and luxury. Thus, it becomes crucial to know what Chanel advises to keep your bag safe for long-term use.

In reality, how many of us have ever paid attention to caring for our accessories over time?

It is not an alien concept for one to open their wardrobe and find their handbag d-shaped. Often, we love buying handbags but ignore the aftercare. So, if you want to flaunt your best Chanel bag or Gucci bag for as long as possible, here are a few tips that can help.

5 Tips for Storing Your Handbag the Correct Way

Want to ensure no damage comes to your expensive bag for years? Here are a few tips that can surely help out.

1. Wipe it Clean

Before you even think about storing your handbag, you first need to empty the contents of your bag and shake it to lose any debris or dust inside.

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Assess your handbag for any spills of coffee or a drink. It can happen to the best of us and if you find any stains on it, wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. You can also use a baby wipe or damp towel to clean your bag.

Ensure that whatever material you use for cleaning doesn’t scratch your bag. Of course, the material you use for cleaning also depends on what type of bag you’re using. For instance, leather bags can be easily wiped clean with a damp towel or alcohol-free baby wipe.

Whereas if you’re using suede leather, you can use a gentle brush. You should also check what the brand has suggested for cleaning. Most brands, like Chanel or MK, always give directions for cleaning their products.

For durable best Chanel bags made of patent leather, a single swap of baby wipes usually does the trick. So, ensure you clean your bag carefully.

2. Stuff Your Bag

After cleaning your handbag, it is time to stuff it, so the bag doesn’t lose its shape. You can use the same stuffing that came with the bag initially. We recommend you keep your bag stuffed whenever it is not used.

If you don’t have the original stuffing, you can use air pockets, bubble wrap, or acid-free tissue paper. While you’re at it, don’t end up overstuffing your bag. It is common for people to add too much volume to their bags, which strains the zipper.

The key to ideal stuffing is to ensure the fastening closes without any strain because if it does, the bag will sag over time.

3. Store in a Spacious Corner

Now storing is a crucial thing to consider. Once you have stuffed your bag, look for sufficient space for it. The storage shouldn’t cause mold and the finish must be maintained. Again, we recommend using the same box the bag came in for storage.

The original box is designed specifically for the bag. So, there is nothing better than storing your bag in the same box. However, if you don’t have the box, try to look for a box with the same size and circumference.

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This will ensure your handbag isn’t squashed when stored in your wardrobe. If you don’t have a box, consider storing it on a flat surface.

4. Keep It Covered

Another vital tip for storing an expensive bag is to keep it covered in the same original dust bag it arrived in.

You can use a soft fabric bag instead if you don’t have the dust bag or didn’t get it during the replacement process. Ensure the fabric bag is breathable and prevents dust and debris from invading.

Also, use a colorless bag to keep the ink from staining your handbag.

5. Treat it with Care

You have no idea how much good the best handbags can do if you treat your accessory with love and care. Although leather is usually more durable than any other fabric, if you leave your expensive handbag on the floor for nobody to care, its corners will begin to chip over time.

Also, never leave the hardware on the handbag exposed, as it can damage the leather. Lastly, some handbags feature leather that can start peeling because of moisture. However, most high-end items like the best Chanel bags offer moisture-proof storage bags. 

So if they come in a box, keep them in it. It will enhance the lifespan of your expensive bag.

Final Verdict

Buying the best handbag should be followed by treating it with love and care. Keeping an expensive bag for long-term use can take time and effort. But the work you put in will surely pay off well.

Clean the bag after you have used it but not unnecessarily. When you’re storing a handbag, make sure it isn’t squashed or molded because this way, it will lose its shape. Instead, keep it stuffed and cover the hardware for an enhanced lifespan.

Remember, even the best handbag out there will last longer only if you pay attention to its care.