All About Choosing The Right Facial Beds

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As spas, salons, and other self-care centers are becoming more and more popular to the masses. It’s no surprise how the number of people who want to purchase facial beds skyrocketed recently. Because of the current situation, many people have been opting for more private home spas. Most of them even plan on creating their private home spa to provide themselves the relaxation and care they want in the comfort and safety of their homes. The building or creating process of your own space for a simple or an all-out home spa is pretty easy, especially with the help of an expert or by the power of research.


In choosing the right facial bed for you, there are things to consider. Apart from that, a buyer should know the role that facial beds play before proceeding with the purchase. They must have at least the basic information about facial beds to be able to make sounder decisions and make the most out of their choices.


Facial Beds and Their Benefits


The market is growing, and facial beds are becoming better and better as manufacturers and the people behind come up with more ideas to enhance and deliver better products. These products, whether old or new, provide their buyers with advantages and benefits. People have their reasons for their purchase after all.


You can enjoy an improved spa experience. When people visit their trusted and favorite spas, they often relax on facial beds. These beds provide comfort and relaxation as what customers expect to have upon going to the establishment. If you are planning to purchase one for your convenience at your home, it helps in giving you the vibe you have at spas and the extra genuine spa “feeling.” Although the vibe between staying at home and going out to pamper yourself is distinguishable, you will be able to create and curate the level of comfort when you choose to purchase a bed.


Provides convenience. If you are an aesthetician or are planning to employ a few aestheticians for your business, it would be best to consider their working life. It would be helpful and reasonably necessary to cater to their needs as well. Working is made more accessible with the use of new technology and proper equipment. Not only will aestheticians provide better care and experience for you. They would also be able to maximize the use of their skills and do the procedures necessary efficiently.

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Owning facial beds will improve the level of comfort. People can do these activities sitting and lying down on whatever space is available, like a couch or beds. However, the level of comfort they would feel when laying down on a facial bed will not be similar to the comfort level they would feel laying down on a couch. Facial beds are improvements because they are explicitly crafted and intentionally. They were designed with facial procedures, massages, and other self-care activities in mind.


Having a facial bed is very convenient. Having the comfort of relaxing on a facial bed when you have your spa treatments is very suitable. It’s easier than setting up space every time you want to treat yourself. Owning a facial bed will save you from minor troubles like getting your extra chair in place and etcetera.


Types of Facial Beds To Choose From


Every individual has their preferences when it comes to the equipment they will be using. There are general descriptions and pros and cons for different products, but these details and opinions do not necessarily apply to everyone. Some people prefer these, and some people like that. A lot about the process of choosing and purchasing depends on a particular person’s preferences.


Before purchasing a facial bed, it might be helpful to consider assessing yourself by asking questions like what kinds of facial beds are available and out there in the market? Knowing the basics and perhaps the types of facial beds available, the buyer can establish what he wants per his standards and the qualities he wants his purchase to have.

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  • Electrical facial beds




  • They maximize comfort for both the client and the aesthetician.
  • Backrest and leg rest adjustments by a handset give off a more convenient service.
  • Most electric facial beds have minimum noise. In other words, they are generally silent. These types of facial beds are also easy and smooth in terms of adjustments.
  • They provide height adjustments that offer convenience to both clients and estheticians. 
  • These types also render more padding.




  • Electrical facial beds are often more pricey.
  • You might need extra outlets or extension wires if you don’t have one in your area.
  • For those living in places where power outages are common, you might want to reconsider. 

  • Hydraulic Facial beds




  • These types of facial beds are ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Space saver.
  • Hydraulic facial beds provide up to 360 degrees on a rotational base. This gives the aesthetician more mobility.




  • Hydraulic beds do not offer the same level of silence, smoothness, and effortlessness the electrical ones can.
  • These types are generally manual, which means they provide levers and controls on which the aesthetician will need to adjust the bed manually. In short, this requires extra effort and energy exertion for the aesthetician.

  • Pneumatic facial beds




  • It has an airlift system that allows for adjustments like raising and lowering of height.
  • It also has a mechanical system that allows for adjustments in the height and levels of the backrest.




  • These types of facial beds need to reach the maximum height level before they can be adjusted back down. It requires a tiny bit of extra time to adjust and readjust.

  • Portable facial beds




  • These types of facial beds are pretty simple. They are simply portable. A very familiar term that means it is easily movable and transportable. These are very useful if you are a traveling esthetician or when you offer home services and treatments.
  • These beds are relatively lighter than the other types of facial beds.