Amazing Ways To Add Luxury To Your Bathroom

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A luxurious bathroom is a lovely addition to any home. When you feel good slipping into the bath, or stepping out of the shower, a lot of life’s little pressures wash away! And if you want your own bathroom to feel like it’s come right out of a high life spa, we’ve got some decor tips for you. 




Add a Scent


A scent in the air is going to add a sense of luxury nothing else on this list is capable of. And even though that scent will be ephemeral and ever changing, it’s still going to be a luxury addition that’ll help you feel right at home in a spa-like environment.


So go crazy with the incense here! Make sure you’re having fun with the smells you’re pumping into the air, and chop and change them when you’re sick of a certain strain.


Fit a Fireplace


Yes really! It’s all the rage at the moment, and it’s long been a smart move for bathrooms across the world. A fireplace ensures the room is warm and cozy both before you get into the bath and after you come out again. And if you want to relax during your soak, the crackle of the fireplace will definitely influence the peaceful atmosphere! 


Whether you’ve got room for a proper fireplace or just a facade, you can go shopping for fireplaces to find the best piece for your bathroom space and design. Something classic? Something modern? Something marble? Fireplaces come in a wide variety of styles! 

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Place a Seat


A luxury bathroom is always going to have a seat standing by. Yes, the more you can sit down and take the weight off, the better your bathroom is going to feel to use. You can even add in some extra storage if you fit an ottoman with a top you can pull up! But even just a wicker chair with a soft cushion or a throw over the back is going to work here. You can sit down while applying makeup or taking it off, as well as putting on facepacks, taking care of your legs and feet, and generally luxuriating before and after having a wash. 


Use a Bath Tray


A bath tray is one of the most luxurious items of all time. You pop it over the bath, put all your items you want to use on it, and then slip in and enjoy yourself. This means you can eat in the bath without worrying about crumbs in the water, or read a book without getting the pages all wet, or use your phone or a tablet without risk of breaking it. A bath tray is super cheap to buy as well, so you won’t be breaking the bank just to have a more fun time running water and pouring in the bubbles!


A luxury bathroom needn’t be for the rich only. You can turn yours into a proudly luxurious space using some easy tips like these.