Are You Looking To Create a Show Home? Here’s How to Do it Right

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There are many companies – real estate developers – who (try) to come up with the ideal show home, and for the most part, they’re successful. Their homes or the homes they feature are perfect, with everything in place and with every room immaculately done. But we all know that show homes can be expensive, so why bother? Isn’t it enough that you have a home for sale without spending a lot to decorate and outfit it? In other words, why go through all the trouble of creating a show home? The answer is simple: it’s a means to show homebuyers what it would be like to live in such a home and make it their own. And it doesn’t have to be all that expensive, either. So are you looking to create your own show home? Here’s how to do it right.


Why they are essential


It goes without saying that they are staged when we talk about show homes. It means they are more than just a covering of new paint, and you’re good to go. But, on the contrary, a show home is designed to create a certain mood and ambience and, more importantly, makes anyone who sees it want to have it for themselves. They show how a home is supposed to look – and this instils a desire for the home. 


Not only does a show home look warmer and more inviting – they look larger than most and cleaner. It may be a small or minor thing, but cleanliness matters as it can make the viewers see the space for what it is. Their overall aim is to appeal to the target audience and make the buyer want them – and if your show home can do that, then it has succeeded. 

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How to give your house that show home look


  •           Make the space appear bigger


As showhome interior design specialists like Blocc UK would agree, the first rule of a great show home is to give it space. In other words, make it appear larger than it is. You have to make it free of clutter; first, you have to ensure that the furniture you choose is just the right fit for the space. Homebuyers must see the available space on the floors. Another thing to ensure a free-flowing space is to arrange the furniture so that there is almost an invisible line across the room – a space where people could walk through with ease without stumbling across a furniture leg.


  •           Simple is best


You would often see and notice that show homes are not lavishly decorated. Instead, they have simple design elements. The focus is to have something easy to look at, and as long as the décor is crisp and fresh, you can’t go wrong. The idea is to have a modern, clean and inviting abode that people would love to spend time in.


  •           Say it all with lights


But whilst you can be as simple as possible with the decorative elements, you can say it all with lights. It’s essential to have excellent lighting, as it creates an atmosphere and creates a mood. It can draw the viewer’s eye, like a chandelier in the foyer or a pair of lamps in the living room. 

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