What You Need to Do Immediately After a Car Accident

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One of the scariest things that can happen to anyone, especially a driver, would be getting into a car accident. While there is a very high chance you already know the accident laws, it doesn’t make accidents anymore less scary. They can be dangerous, they take up a lot of money, and you might need to recover physically or financially. Also, on top of that, they can be fatal. It doesn’t always have to take two drivers to create an accident; sometimes, it only takes one. But nonetheless, what are you supposed to do immediately after a car accident? What do you do seconds afterward? Keep reading on to find out!

Call the Police and/or Emergency Services

While it may be tempting to leave the scene of a car accident if you feel fine, it is important to call the police in order to file an official report. Doing so ensures that a professional records an accurate, impartial overview of the crash. It also protects you in case the other driver attempts to misreport the facts or change the details of the collision later on. For instance, injuries such as whiplash often do not manifest themselves until days after the incident.

When calling the police, be sure to ask the officer for their name and badge number. Answer all of their questions calmly and objectively. If you can safely do so, move your car to the side of the road, away from traffic lanes. Turn your hazard lights on and set up flares or reflective emergency triangles to alert passing drivers. And if you’re alone and there’s an accident? Well, it’s still strongly recommended to reach out.

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Call for Help

If no one is seriously hurt and the vehicles involved aren’t blocking traffic, you can pull your car over to a safe area and turn on your hazard lights. However, you should only exit your vehicle if it’s safe and make sure to check if other drivers or passengers are injured. Never attempt to move anyone if they appear hurt since that could worsen their injuries. If it’s a small fender bender, you won’t need to call for help, but if your car is totaled, then you’re going to need to call for assistance as well as a tow truck

Take Plenty of Photos

Thanks to technology nowadays, it’s easier to do this, especially if you already have a dash cam that records everything. Taking pictures after a car accident is important because there are many things that you do not notice when the adrenaline and stress of the incident are still running high. Taking pictures captures details that may not be recorded in medical records or witnesses’ testimony. For instance, a photo of a scrape or cut that you did not notice at the scene could prove helpful when filing an injury claim. 

Likewise, photographs of skid marks and debris on the road could help determine who was responsible for the crash. Take as many pictures as possible without putting yourself in harm’s way. Be sure to get pictures of all vehicle damage, weather conditions, license plate numbers, witness names, contact information, injuries, and anything else that you think may be useful in your case.

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Contact an Attorney

Whether you’re needing to contact a DUI accident lawyer or just a regular accident lawyer, this is something you’ll need to do ASAP. Essentially as soon as you’re off the phone with your insurance company. Many people get in fender benders that seem minor at the time. They may have spoken to the other driver, exchanged contact information, and shrugged it off. That can change later when the other driver decides to sue for damages you didn’t see at the scene. You need a lawyer on your side.